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The Company In a Few Words

Muscle and Strength serves as a one-stop solution to all the tools and supplement needed to achieve and maintain fitness. They provide from the supplies needed to shed off all the unwanted piles in the body to those that will encourage and improve proper muscles & strength building. Muscle & Strength is not another health and wellness retail store promising you 6-packs in a short while, there is more to them. They provide expert guides, informative articles, videos and workout programs, supplements, nutrition, and many other motivational packages designed to help you achieve your goal.

 What Do Customers Say About Muscle & Strength?

First, I wish it is good you know that I started my research about this company from customer reviews. I wanted to know what others have to say about them before I dive into their website; sometimes those sales pitches can get you at an edge, if you know what I mean. So I wanted to visit them last; hence my research was started on independent review sites. Surprisingly, it appeared that Muscle & Strength happened to be so popular and thousands have actually used their products. Customers were not only praising their wide selection of products but also their informative and educative packages which any site visitor can have access to. From these, most visitors confessed to have been taking directives and programs that actually helped them to achieve their goals.

People who bought from muscleandstrength.com were also thrilled by their same-day Fed-Ex/USPS shipping system. For some, they couldn’t believe that there is an online retail store with such a fast shipment. The e-shop also provides a customer-oriented service system with special focus on full customer satisfaction even to the extent of manually waiving the shipping charges for a user who forgot to apply the free shipping voucher for an order that was above $99.

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I love the price of items on Muscle & Strength. You can get Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey at $50 after taxes. And when combined with their free shipping offers on certain orders, they are providing people the opportunity to get steady supply of the tools and supplements they need to achieve their goals without breaking the bank. Their customer service representatives are also superb. Reading through their customer reviews, it seemed that every customer has a specific rep that made their needs the priority and ensured that they were satisfied. I also like the wide range of products, information and programs on their site. This shows that this company is not just out to make the money but also to provide enormous value that will make the required impact in the lives of users.


Their site looked a bit stuffed to me. If you are new here, it may take a while to actually fix yourself somewhere as the entire homepage is too catchy with graphics leading to multiple sections – just my personal opinion.

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Does the company give discounts?

MuscleandStrength.com has a provision for promotional codes. If you visit their online store and order some items, you will notice a coupon box at the checkout. If you type a promo in there, you will get a discount, usually 10% off. Also, visit my Native Remedies coupon article to see more offers on supplements and healthy nutrition.

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