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Supplements and Accessories by Onnit Labs

Onnit is a company founded by Aubrey Marcus in 2010 and sells nutrition supplements. The product which made Onnit famous is Alpha Brain.

Here’s Aubrey explaining how it all started:

“After you have set the fundamentals of a good diet, the next step is to look at supplementation. It’s just not possible to get all of the nutrients that can affect bodily systems in an acute way in to your diet unless you are actively seeking out all those strange exotic herbs, fruits and things from all over the world. What Onnit has done is to put them all together in combinations that can be highly effective and simple to take. From Onnit’s flagship, the Alpha-brain for example, they’ve focused on neurotransmitters, things that are going to fuel your brain with the actual food that it needs to perform optimally. They use exotic nutritional mushroom, which actually allow your body to acquire more energy while other ingredients focus on immunity, bone and joint strength and more.”


Alpha Brain Benefits

Thousands now consume Onnit’s miracle, the Alpha Brain supplement. It’s what we call supplement ofr the brain, or nootropics. All of them state with confidence that they see a tangible difference in their cognitive abilities, intellectual stamina and mood.

Mental clarity

There are people who often experience foggy brain which gets worse when they don’t get enough sleep; a sense of sleepiness where you cannot think clearly, absorb information or plan your day ahead. A cup of coffee doesn’t really cure this but alpha brain totally lifts it. It fights foggy brain and lack of concentration and gives mental clarity, the feeling of totall awareness, that you are in the moment than on top of the moment.


If you find it hard to focus for long, your mind gets easily destructed or your thoughts as you speak sometimes have no cohesion and it’s hard to communicate with people or you cannot focus enough to read for more than 10 minutes, then Alpha Brain will definitely help you there, as well.


People with weak memory saw an impressive improvement once they started taking Alpha Brain.


One area that Alpha Brain clearly affects is the sleep. Consumers have found that when they take a capsule before bed they enjoy a restful night, they don’t need to sleep more than 5 hours and when they wake up they jump out of bed full of energy and ready to face the challenges of the day. Also, consumers have more vivid dreams which can remember the next day.

No dependency syndrome

Alpha Brain users haven’t any dependency on the product even if they’ve been taking it everyday for long. If they run out, they don’t feel unable to do anything cause they stopped taking it nor do they have all those deprivation effects when someone tries to stop a habit like smoking or drinking. You don’t get dependent, you don’t get hooked. So you are not going to suffer any mental declination or physical withdrawals.

Long lasting effects

Even if you stop taking the product, e.g. your run out and your next shipment hasn’t come yet, you still enjoy its benefits because it has been built in your system. You can go for a week or two and still have improved memory, clarity and great mood.

People with brain injuries

Customers with brain injury or who have undergone brain surgery have been hugely helped and have experienced substantial improvement in their cognitive functions and repression of the brain fatigue. All that dizziness, loss of clarity, inability to concentrate and depression go away.

Does It Always Work?

Alpha Brain is NOT a magic pill. If you have health issues, suffer from obesity, sleep deprivation, nutrition deficiencies or other anomalies, a nootropic won’t do anything. If you smoke, eat and drink crap, just get serious with these issues first. Get your butt off that couch and get active. Start eating well (BTW, this is not rocket science; get online to see how to do this), exercising and quit smoking. Most people want a pill to do everything for them but if you are a walking dead, nootropis will not work.

What Do Neurosurgeons Say About The Product

Here’s an interview where neurosurgeon Martin Lazar presents additional information about alpha brain’s properties and effects on memory improvement, alertness, brain function and mental capacity.


Does Onnit offer discounts?

Onnit Labs offer a wide range of products, both nutritional supplements and exercise accessories. Navigate throught onnit.com to check their products and videos. Also, you can enjoy a discount at your order if you use the coupon codes the company issues from time to time and sends to its subscibers. Subscribe at the company’s newsletter to receive promotional offes, news and other information.

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