Onnit Alpha Brain Supplement Review

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Dr. Martin LazarThis is an interview from the well known Neurosurgeon Dr. Martin Lazar who talks about the benefits Alpha BRAIN, a food supplement manufactured by Onnit Labs, which consumers see at their memory, intellectual skills, vividness and brain stamina. “Alpha Brain is probably the most unique combination of ingredients that enhance neurotransmitter activity that’s available.

alpha brain There are individual products that have these special ingredients that have been food supplements for a long time, but alpha brain has put these into a unique combination; both safe and effective. I have been very concerned with the aging population. I don’t think there is a day gone by that my patients do not complain about memory issues. Most people recognize that friends or relatives, parents who are little older have a little more trouble with their memory. One of the things that Alpha Brain can influence, is enhance memory. There is good medical literature to support the concept that these ingredients can assist in memory function.

Not all of this is new. It’s been known for thousands of years in other cultures, some of the ingredients have been used for memory enhancement in some indian and eastern cultures that used these substances for a very long time.

Ingredients of Alpha Brain

 cognitionCommon ingredients in foods whether there are amino acids, vitamins, those entities have effect on the body as well as on the brain specifically. The concept of nootropics coined by a Romanian physician in 1972 has become increasingly more popular and people have become aware of it, where enhanced brain function whether it is cognisure, memory or speed of process , those things can be aided by some very commonly available nutrients and nutritional supplements.

Alpha brain is probably the most unique combination of these very useful entities. I know of no other product that combines them in this way and makes them ready available. Once again common sense tells you that no sane individual is going to buy twelve different products and take those for just one targeted area of cognition, mental capacity, memory enhancement, alertness; nobody is going to take 10-12. They are going to search for a product that has everything wrapped up into 1. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

As long as the people who take Alpha Brain are taking as recommended, these nutrients in the dosage supplied are absolutely safe. The only caveat would be for older patients who would be on medication such as anti hypertensive agents or if they have epilepsy and are on medication; they ought to consult with their physician to make sure that the drugs they are taking have no contraindication with the ingredients that there are in alpha brain. The likelihood is that there is no contraindication and they too will be helped by using this products.”

Does the company give discounts

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