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What Is Puritan’s Pride?

Unlike some other vitamin companies, Puritan’s Pride is a manufacturer, not merely a vendor. For over 45 years they have led the way in producing the finest quality nutritional supplements in every form. Including soft gelatin capsules, softgels, other preferred form for popular supplements like fish oil, vitamin E and Co Q10. Let’s take a look at how these nutritional gems are made.

It all takes place at their 190,000 sq foot Puritan’s Pride soft get manufacturing facility. This plant, the newest of its kind was designed exclusively to produce the finest quality soft gel capsules in the industry. A great product always starts with great ingredients. Before any soft gel is produced, the ingredients are thoroughly tested in their multi-million dollar quality control laboratory. One the lab tests and releases the ingredients, they are filtered and blended for purity and consistency. At every stage of the softgel process, samples are taken for analysis by the quality control team.

Before they make the gelatin capsules, they start with the finest gelatin. Great care is taken at this stage to make sure that the gelatin is properly blended and free of any air bubbles or impurities that could cause the soft gel to bleak. A trained technician tests it so they can be cleared for use in the encapsulation department. Encapsulation is where two ribbons of gelatin come together encapsulating the ingredients to form a one piece soft gel capsule.

Puritan’s Pride quality assurance and quality control teams check the new reformed products for size and weight. Even the thickness of the outer layer is checked under a microscope to ensure the consistency and integrity of the capsule. Before the softgels can be packaged, they are sent to a special climate area to dry. Once dried they are mechanically and individually inspected for proper size and to make sure they are free of any imperfections.

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Vitamin B Complex Sublingual Liquid

Food supplements have become a very integral part of our lifestyles. This has been necessitated by the need to remain healthy amidst many health threats that abound everywhere. When our daily uptake of some nutrients is not sufficient, the uptake of relevant supplements covers the deficit. The deficiency of B-Complex vitamins, for example, means that the body will need vitamin B supplements to remain healthy. 

Puritan’s pride is indeed proud to be among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of nutrient supplements among other health products. One of their products, Vitamin B-Complex Sublingual Liquids With Vitamin B-12, is a great supplier of B-Complex vitamins, offsetting any deficit the body could be suffering from. The component vitamins include Riboflavin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Niacin and Pantothenic acid. 

B-Complex has two major benefits to the body. One, it helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system in the body. Two, The B-Complex vitamins are important in the metabolism of energy in the body.

The Advantages

It is easy to take as it has sweet and fruity taste. -Its absorption fast, almost instant. -Its price is pocket friendly. It is very affordable.-It is good, especially for vegetarians.-It calms anxiety and nervousness since it keeps the nervous system healthy. -Some beneficiaries have testified that they have been able to sleep better after using the complex. Could be something to do with its effects on the nervous system. -It boosts body energy levels, given that it helps in metabolic activities that release energy in the body.

The Drawbacks

Not all B Complex vitamins are included in the product. These are Vitamin a or Thiamin, Folic Acid and Biotin. Their inclusion could make a complete B complex.

The Price

The price of this product, as mentioned earlier, is very good. Compared to others B complex products from other companies, this one is reasonably cheap. Puritan Pride’s price is just $5.5. 

In conclusion, this is a great product that has been endorsed by professional nutritionists and medical practitioners. I highly recommend it for anyone out to rejuvenate their energy and supplement the deficient B vitamins in their bodies.

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