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Why E-Cigarettes?

Lots of smokers now have turned to electronic cigarettes or E-cigs as they call them also. The concept is to keep enjoying the nicotine and all the process of lighting and holding a cigarette but avoid the noisome carcinogenic substances of the regular ones. Since, quitting smoking is very difficult these electronic devices is a huge help for smokers. They can now inhale vapor without all the health hazards they used to have, the yellow nails and the unwelcoming breath. Plus, their friends and family don’t have to suffer with the annoying smoke. South Beach Smoke is one of the largest sellers of e-cigs online which offers all the accessories and consumables, like starter kits, various flavors.

Electronic cigarettes are turning out to be one of the best types of cigarettes among smokers. This is because the alternative that has been provided by electronic cigarettes to traditional smoking is quite beneficial and much better in a number of ways. Electronic cigarette has redefined smoking by making smoking easier, exciting, fun and above all healthier. Here are some of the benefits of e cigarettes:

Safer as compared to traditional smoking method

Traditional smoking method where one had to light a fire to light the cigarettes was a fire hazard. From research cigarettes are known to be the number one cause of fire worldwide. Lots of fire accidents that have been reported in one way or another are connected to cigarette smoking. With electronic cigarette this is not the case as you are not burning an open flame plus there are no cherries that can fall on your clothes, furniture or item and burn you. Since the introduction of electronic cigarette fire related cases due to cigarette smoking has reduced drastically. There are no known fire accidents that have been reported to have been caused by electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarette doesn’t have a distinctive smell

Another important benefit of electronic cigarette is that it doesn’t have that distinctive smell like the traditional forms of cigarette. When you smoke the other type of cigarettes one would notice that you are a smoker even from a distance just because of the smell that one is completely submerged to after smoking.it is sometimes an embarrassing experience to walk along with such kind of a smell in certain public places such as the worship places or a place where there are non-smokers.to avoid such kind of embarrassment just get a south beach smoke which is the number one e cigarette brand. There are different flavors of the south beach smoke e cigarette ranging from classic tobacco, blue tobacco to golden tobacco. The flavors are quite fresh, soft and quite subtle.

Good for your health

Another importance of electronic cigarette is that it’s healthier as compared to the regular cigarette. Electronic cigarette from research has been found to reduce tobacco related illness and deaths. Regular cigarettes contain nicotine which puts a smoker in higher risk of contracting diseases such as lung cancer, stroke, heart attack, throat cancer, Alzheimer’s among others. Electronic cigarettes reduce the risks of getting this kind of diseases by nearly 50% as one consumes vapor instead of smoke.


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