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Zagg is the company behind the popular InvisibleSHIELD which has been providing gadget lovers an unnoticeable means of protecting their electronic devices from external forces. The story of Zagg dates back to early 2005, when a man was a able to find solutions to securing his wrist watch from nicks and scratches by using clear, thin and durable film which was initially only used to protect the US military helicopter blades from damages. With some research and innovative findings, he developed this film into a clear protective adhesive called InvisibleSHILED. The product is almost invisible while remaining strong and durable enough to carry out its protective functions. InvisibleSHILED gained a wide acceptance with international reputation, selling millions in a couple of years as people use it to secure their electronic gadgets including iPhone, iPad, iPod and many other electronic devices.

How Does Zagg Skin Work?

zagg free shipping couponInvisibleSHILED is a thin, clear, smooth and easy to install electronic device protector. It is a hard-to-notice film-like material which is installed on electronic gadgets to protect them from several external damaging forces, including scratches, nicks, etc. It is available in an easy-to-use spray bottle with a squeegee that looked like it can actually keep water molecules out from underneath the shield. Guess what, it actually does. When combined with Zagg Skin, it provides users the opportunity to personalize their protective materials while still getting unlimited protection.

Zagg Skin is a combination of personalized style with exceptional gadget protection characteristics which allows gadget lovers to protect their devices while putting it in their favorite look at the same time. This product is made of four layers.

-The gadget friendly adhesive: It enables the material to have a firm, durable grip on your device. Designed from the highest quality materials and made specifically for electronic gadgets, it has undergone several innovations to reach the recommending quality that is topping the list in this industry.

-The second layer is the personalized style: It provides users the opportunity to customize their skins to express whom they really are by using their favorite backgrounds which may be from the wildlife, picture of celebs, pet, family picture, or perhaps the picture you took with grandma during the last thanksgiving. You can even choose from hundreds of professional designs that can exactly fit into your test.

-The third layer is the Nano Memory Technology: It provides self-healing features to the Skin in order to fit exactly the curves of your electronic gadget. This ensures that there is no sticking edges, stubborn bubbles, and other irritating experiences that may make a mess of your gadget, especially when it attracts some dust.

-The fourth layer comes is the great InvisibleSHIELD: It protects your devices against scratches and scuffs.

The Zagg Skin, which is a combination of these four layers, is available in 1.3mm – an incredible size for such a list of layers and functions!

The Difference Between Zagg Skins and Invisible Shield

Yes, someone would like to know. What actually is the difference between these two items? Well it is simple. The Invisible Shield is that thin, clear adhesive film that can hardly be noticed. Owing to its clear design, it is best for the front of your electronic device. On the other hand, the Zagg Skin is a customizable, yet protective material which owing to its customizable nature is best for the rest of the body of your device. Hence in a nutshell, while the Zagg Skin can be customized with personal pictures or designs, the Invisible Shield cannot; which is why it should be used at the front of your electronic device.

However, from the description above, the Zagg Skins actually contain four different layers, the last of which is the same film used in the production of Invisible Shield. This means that while using this material on the rest of the body of your gadget, it also provides the same protection qualities as Invisible Shield – while still allowing you to put your gadget in your favorite look.


It was very easy to install Invisible Shield on my iPhone. It took less than 15 minutes to install the shield from start to finish. Even though I haven’t used this shield before, it went like I really didn’t expected. Though, when I saw the protective coating, I thought that something went wrong. But then it disappeared within 24 hours and I started asking questions about it only to learn that I did everything perfectly well. Now I can hardly notice there is anything on the topmost of the phone. Their price is also excellent for such a high quality product; no complaints from me!


None yet, still hangs on it since the last couple of months. I will sure update this review if anything uncomfortable develops. But I would have blamed myself if anything had gone wrong with the installation. Guess I was stubborn; a couple of my friends were already using this shield and I went on installing mine based on the experiences they shared with me. Never really took the time to research or read installation instructions anywhere. Well, lucky me!

What Do Customers Say About Zagg’s Product Line?

Interesting testimonies! I spent a couple of minutes reading individual installation experiences on independent review sites. It was fun, good to learn that InvisibleSHIELD and Zagg Skins have gained massive international acceptance. Instead of complaints, most customers turned their reviews into helpful descriptive statements trying to correct colleagues who may be having some discomfort with either the spray or the squeegee. Above all, I can say that customers love these products and went on recommending them on any webpage it is discussed.

How Does InvisibleSHIELD Compare to BodyGuardz?

zagg promo codeBodyGuardz is a major competitor to Zagg. It is a collection of cases, skins and other protective devices designed specifically for electronic gadgets. BodyGuardz can absorb shocks as well as scratches. These make them ideal for devices that are kept in the same place with hard objects. When compared to its competitor, Zagg tends to feel a little bulky. BodyGuardz, on the other hand, comes with this light-feel that is obvious even at a mere sight. This makes it difficult for the shield to be felt and also helps to fine-tune the appearance of the gadget. For some of us who use the Apple bumper with iPhone, you may have noticed that Zagg tends to peel off at the corners due to the bumper. This is hardly experienced with BodyGuardz as it works perfectly fine with any bumper case, at least to the best of my knowledge.

Additionally, BodyGuardz are offered in two sets which make it a safer option for somebody with more than one phone or perhaps if you have another person in your family to give one. Some customers have also confirmed better coverage both for the front and back of their device than they were able to get with Zagg. However, the air bubbles and cloudy areas you will sure experience with BodyGuardz is rarely found with InvisibleSHIELD.

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