3 Companies NOT Getting Left In The Tech Dust

Technological advancements are evolving at warp speed, creating a highly competitive market in which a technology giant such as Apple is fighting to maintain a majority share of the smart phone market that it snatched away from RIM (Blackberry) several years ago. Android and Windows smart phones are vaulting ahead of Apple’s iPhone, which should be expected as they prepare to release their next version of the iPhone. Most experts speculate that after the new release of the iPhone, Apple will regain the market lead, but not by as much as they have enjoyed in the past.

There are companies that have been totally wiped out by the technology race. Remaining relevant in such a competitive environment it not simply about the technology but rather about understanding marketing, branding and remaining relevant. This article highlights 3 companies that are not getting left behind in the technology revolution.


Microsoft is offering a minimum $200 gift card for everyone who turns in their iPad 2, 3 or 4. The customers will be able to use the gift card to purchase anything at the Microsoft store. Although the gift card is for general use in the Microsoft Store, the company is using this promotion to promote several of their new devices.

While promoting their new revolutionary products, Microsoft is also providing a significant incentive for the Apple faithful to try their new products. Don’t mistake this for anything less than a market power move. It is bold and it is revolutionary. Microsoft is not only pushing the boundaries of technology to become a major player in the communications industry, but they are moving laterally beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing to engage their target audience. It has been Microsoft’s ability and willingness to think outside of the box that has kept them among the relevant in technology.

Surface RT

Surface RT keyboard docking Microsoft is extremely high on this revolutionary tablet. The tablet comes with pre-installed versions of Microsoft Office with touch functionality. The tablet comes with a reasonable price tag when compared with the competition. At only $349 it is a decent bargain and an even better deal for those who are trading in their iPad.

One of the revolutionary features associated with this new tablet is the fact that the cover doubles as a keyboard. Simply click the cover into the Surface RT and type on the touch sensitive flat pad. The pad is totally spill resistant. The touch cover has the capability to disable key strokes completely; allowing the user to function in full touch screen mode. These touch covers come in a variety of colors to match your personality.

For the person that wants a more advanced experience, there is the Surface Pro. The Pro version of this tablet offers everything that the RT offers with some extra benefits, including a free one month trial of Office 365. The Surface Pro starts at $799. This tablet also comes with 64 GB of storage pace. Loaded with Windows 8 Pro this tablet is designed to function like a fully functional laptop when necessary, while maintaining its mobility and its expedience.

The Genius of Microsoft

The genius of Microsoft is revealed in its marketing strategy as it moves to position itself in the mobile device market.

Security Options Automates Home Security

Security Options is another company that is determined not to be left in the dust of technological advancements. Security options is an Oklahoma based security firm that offers a vast variety of security services and products. In a very competitive market in which there are some extremely huge fish is the pond, Security Options has managed to maintain a significant share of the market in Oklahoma. One way that they have done this is by exploiting the advancements in technology.

One way that they have done this is through “home automation technology”

Home Automation

Home automation is the latest is full scale automation in the home. Also known as domotics, home automation allows the house owner to connect their home appliances and electronic devices up to one corporate automated system; forming an intelligent network through which all of these items are controlled and monitored. The home owner can monitor and control everything from the temperature, lighting, security, appliances, as well as audio and visual media devices.

Something that was once only a reality in science fiction movies has entered the world of the average home owner. With the advancement of technology and broad expanse and reach of the internet, home automation has become highly accessible and affordable.

Home automation removes the need to have multiple devices and services installed for each specific system. Through Security Options home automation service, all of this can be done through one program at one affordable price.

Remaining Relevant

Through their ability to offer home automation services, Security Options has remained relevant in their industry while effortlessly expanding into others. By integrating home automation into their security services package, they inherently increased the value of their baseline services, while reinventing their brand. The truth is that home automation is happening everywhere; Security Options simply provides the conduit through which homeowners can facilitate the transition into the next phase of technological advancement.

Reasons for Automating Your Home

– It is highly cost effective. Because home automation allows you to effectively monitor your energy consumption, it also helps you save money. Another way it helps you save money is in the level of security it provides; reducing the risk of loss by theft.

– Convenience is another added benefit to home automation. The ability to manage numerous functions and devices within the home is priceless.

– The security that is associated with this service provides a sense of peace, which is another priceless commodity in today’s world. With all of the things that can go wrong, including fire and theft, it helps to know that your home is being monitored 24 hours per day.

– If there are elderly people in the home, the automation functionality is amplified; creating a more functional environment for those individuals that have experienced decreased mobility.

With features such as reminders, a family message system, and remote fobs, there is virtually no limited to what this service can offer in the way of convenience, security and functionality. The integration of domotics into their home security package has allowed Security Options to live up to its name, and more importantly remain relevant in the technology race.

Netflix Uses Torrent Sites

The power and expanse of the internet seems to be an ever increasing entity and Netflix has definitely found a way to exploit its power and reach. According to a recent report by Torrent Freak, Netflix is using torrent sites as a resource to help them determine which shows they should by. As this network expands its services in Europe, in countries such as the Netherlands, it does so with the hopes of expanding its customer base over the coming years.

One of the primary ways that the company plans to accomplish this is by obtaining the rights to the most popular TV shows and movies.

Netflix, as a giant in the video streaming industry, carefully evaluates TV programming and popular movies to determine which ones they will obtain rights to, for the purpose of placing them in the video stream line up.

Torrent Sites

According to Kelly Merryman, the Vice President of Content Acquisition for Netflix, the popularity of certain shows and movies on file sharing platforms play a significant role in what content the company purchases.

Netflix considers itself to be the primary competitor to pirate sites that provide video content without proper approval from the owner. The popularity of these sites reveals the huge market that is available for a company like Netflix. It is actually able to use the statistics gathered from these very sites to determine what they will do well in certain markets.

Prison Break

When it rolled out its new streaming package in the Netherlands, one of the series shows that it obtained the right to is Prison Break; a show that is extremely popular on torrent sites.

Netflix has indicated that they are keenly aware of the huge number of individuals that download video content from these pirate sites without permission, and they believe that they have the capacity to offer a better experience at an extremely affordable rate. By offering popular shows like Prison Break on their seamless platform, Netflix is positioning itself for market dominance.

A Better Experience

Netflix believes that they can compete with these torrent sites because the Netflix experience is so much more enjoyable than what people experience on torrent sites. The user does not have to be concerned with downloading files or moving those files around.

One their primary goal is to engage and convert current torrent site users to the platform. There is some initial evidence that this is taking place. In fact, there is preliminary evidence that Torrent site traffic in Canada has dropped 50 percent since Netflix entered the market there three years ago.

The three companies featured here are perfect examples of how to use lateral thinking in conjunction with technological advancements to remain relevant in the competitive markets of computers, home security and automation and movies.

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