4 Ways To Optimize Your PC With System Mechanic

Personal computers need regular upgrades in order to keep up with the latest technology and run smoothly. Some can be fully upgraded and some can only take minimum upgrades.

If your computer is older than 8 years “old”?, you probably need a whole system upgrade but if you can still run the latest applications and operating systems, you might be able to increase the performance of your PC with the following tips and keep your money in your pocket for at least a few more months or even one/two years!

1.      Upgrade Hardware

Most computers are upgradable. This means you can upgrade hardware parts and make your computer 10 times faster! To be able to do this you have to research online, find the model and specifications of your Motherboard, CPU, RAM and VGA card (the most common) and then check if you can install better parts on your current system.

Lately, the most common upgrade that 80% of the users do is to buy a new flash storage disk (SSD – Solid State Drive). Solid State drives can run up to 20 times faster than compatible hard disk drives, which means your computer will look completely different, more powerful and the programs will run faster than never before.

2.      Install PC Optimization Software

Many users know about PC optimization but few actually know how to use it. When operating a computer means you must know the basics. How much RAM do you need to run programs? What’s the CPU and what it can do for my needs? These questions arise for other parts of the computer, etc. The more you know what all these hardware pieces do, the better you can handle the software that runs on your computer.

Now if you don’t know everything about hardware that’s okay. That’s why companies like Iolo create software to solve speed and other related problems. For example, System Mechanic, made my Iolo, is a great optimization software that handles all applications wisely and maximizes your computer speed. This new and updated smart application can clean your computer from unnecessary files, repair registry problems, clean junk files, remove unused startup programs and protect you from online threats. Usually an all-round software like this should be rather expensive. However, iolo coupons are available online and give up to 70% discount to all its products.

3.      Remove Software You Don’t Use

Over the years we install many applications in our computers, then we forget them and never use them again. When we do that, we use space on the hard drive and maybe memory because some of them run in the background without any notification.

System Mechanic can also remove startup software that takes too much memory and decreases the performance of Windows. It’s a really smart software that can handle these type of things and letting you be more productive in and continue your workflow.

4.      Remove Malware

The Internet is not always a safe place. Lately, many crooks are placing ads in popular websites in order to click on them. If you fall in that trap, then you might get infected by a malware. Malware is software that can be installed in your computer and create many issues. It can reduce significantly its performance and it may also destroy all your data. In a glance, you can lose everything in seconds! To get the best protection from this kind of software you must be really careful when you’re browsing online. Iolo technologies are also providing solutions for these kind of threats with System Shield, an antivirus and antispyware software. This software ensures you won’t get infected when malware want to be installed in your computer. It protects you from all online threats and block all viruses and spyware.

 These four tips can help you get an idea of what you can do to boost your computer performance. If you choose to upgrade the hardware, make sure you contact a technician or take your computer to a local store so they can check it out and tell you for sure if the upgrade is possible.

If you choose to buy a PC optimization and antivirus software like System Mechanic or System Shield, learn first how to use it by downloading a trial copy on your computer. Whatever method you choose, make sure you know what you’re doing!