Boost Your Energy While Quitting Caffeine

Many people use coffee in the morning to feel quickly energized. The reason that coffee contains a substance called caffeine as do most sodas and energy drinks. Caffeine is a what we call a stimulant; in fact it’s the most commonly used drug in the world. I believe, as too many other experts, that when you rely on use of a drug you only treat symptoms. Especially in the long term it’s likely that you run into complications of some sort. I believe, you better avoid using caffeine and other substitutes for energy boosting. There are times you can use it therapeutically. I use it myself even though I don’t care for the taste of coffee but I use it once a year when I travel 4 or 5 time zones and typically want to fall asleep about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. So, what I will do is take some coffee and continue to take it until I reach my normal bed time in that time zone which is 9 or 10 o clock. Simultaneously I take some liquid melatonin, I fall asleep and next morning there is no jet lag. If you are less using that therapeutically it would be wise to walk off of it.

How To Start Getting Rid Of The Need For Coffee

The best way to do that is of course to improve your body’s systems to produce natural energy and of course taking control of your health lifestyle is vitacost promo coupons 2017the way to do that; by eating right and engaging proper muscle exercise as well as taking care of the emotional challenges.

Another simple way that it can be done, especially if you are seeking to go off of caffeine, is to go off slowly because it is a drug. If you quit too quickly you can clearly run into irritability, headaches and a variety of other symptoms. If are currently taking large amounts you want to gradually go off over a 3-week period. At the same time, you don’t want to quit caffeine without replacing it with an appropriate healthy substitute. Replacing coffee with the right lifestyle is one way but you also need to use a supplement for example a booster like the High Performance Fitness for Energy or the Maca Magic Express from Most of the supplements you will find at Vitacost or Puritan’s Pride have vitamin B12 which acts really quickly and is enormously useful for getting a rapid increase in energy; certainly far healthier than a cup of coffee.

A Healthy Substitute

First of all, it’s important to understand that Vitamin B12 is the largest vitamin that we know. Because of its large size it’s very difficult to absorb orally. The body makes a protein called intrinsic factor, in the lining of the stomach, and it combines with the B12 and then it slides down to get into your intestine. Without that intrinsic factor it just goes out and is excreted, thus you don’t get the vitamin. What happens, though, is that as you start to age, especially in an unhealthy lifestyle, 40 or 50 years old the amount of intrinsic factor progressively decreases, so the vitamin B12 deficiency increases.

There are also other groups of people who are also B12 deficient and those are vegans because this vitamin is in animal products. If you are not any animal products actually you are developing a deficiency.

Also, people who have trouble sleeping usually get deficient. Vitamin B12 is a co-factor and it’s important for the production of melatonin which is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

Now, even if you are eating large amounts of animal protein – where B12 is found – if you are not making this intrinsic factor, then it just becomes virtually impossible to absorb that vitamin. That’s why many people go to physicians to get that as a supplement.

What I am excited to share is that recently I found out about a new product called Michael’s Naturopathic Programs Adrenal Xtra Energy Support, which is an energy booster. It comes in the form of tablets and it’s really helpful, rapidly absorbed into your system. The key thing is to maximize your body’s internal resources to improve energy naturally. If you do it that way you minimize the risk of developing any type of chronic diseases.

Cost and Coupons

Supplements, usually have a high price tag, especially those who have extracts of exotic plants or have rare organic substances.  The Vitacost discount coupons drop the price as far as 20% off.

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