Did You Know That Multivitamins Can Cause Weight Loss?

Multivitamins and other mineral supplements are usually prescribed by physicians and health practitioners to individuals who have a deficiency or those who are unable to meet their daily body requirement through eating food. Multivitamins are essential to the body and are known to have plenty of benefits to the body. But, are you aware that multivitamins can help in weight loss? Yes, as much as they are essential to the normal functioning of the body, multivitamins and other minerals can help in weight loss as can be viewed below.

Improve metabolism

People who use supplements especially multivitamins have a higher chance of meeting their daily body requirements. This ensures improved body functions and improved metabolism. Improved metabolism is essential for weight loss. Unlike those who do not take supplements, people taking supplements have a reduced body fat, decreased appetite and a good looking slim body shape.

Improve digestion

Vitamins like B1, B2, B3 and B6 are an integral part of multivitamins and are an essential part of the digestion process. This therefore means that a person taking multivitamins supplements has an improved digestion and a control over his or her weight.

Keep your appetite balanced

Lack of certain nutrients for example vitamin B6 and zinc reduces the level of serotonin produced in the brain which in turn leads to increased appetite. It is important to point out that serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter. Serotonin influences a variety of psychological functions including enhancing your mood, appetite, memory and sleep. Therefore, taking multivitamin supplements will help to a balanced apetite and you will have the ability to control what you eat and your weight.

Other nutrients found in supplements like calcium bind with excess fat in the intestine during digestion and reduce the absorption of the fat.

This helps in controlling weight as the fat will not be absorbed into the body.

Keep blood sugar levels in control

Some nutrients and multivitamins help in regulating metabolism and keeping blood sugar levels in control. It is important to point out athat increased blood sugar levels can lead to an increase in weight as well as lead to diabetes. Therefore, it is important to regulate blood sugar levels in your body and this can be achieved by taking mineral supplements and multivitamins.

It is however important to emphasize that these mineral supplements work the best when combined with a well balanced diet rich in proteins. Weight loss cannot only be achieved by taking multivitamin supplements alone but with a proper diet, exercises and a good rest you will be able to achieve a sustained weight loss.

In conclusion, multivitamin supplements should be taken an hour before or after eating a meal. The recommended dosage is one capsule per day. It is important to stick to your doctor’s advice as far as taking medications is concerned. Whoever, not everyone can take multivitamin supplements especially those who are prone to kidney stones, expectant women, cancer and those suffering from chronic illnesses. If you suffer from chronic diseases it is important to seek your doctor’s consent before taking multivitamin or any other mineral supplements as it can worsen your condition.