Do I Need Whole Food Nutritional Supplements?

Let’s address a very important fact; Americans are overfed and malnourished. With more and more pre-packaged processed food in our diet and less and less activity americans are less healthy. Thousands of people die each year from preventable diseases. Here are some statistics that will stun you:

20 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes

15.8 million adults diagnosed with cancer

67 million US adults are obese

9 million US children are overweight

80 million Americans have heart disease

Fast food is part of the problem but it isn’t the only culprit. Even foods we think are good for us may not be healthy if we look more closely at food labels. We can see that many of these contain hydrogenated oils, added sugar and sodium, and vitamin isolates.

Refined wheat is America’s most consumed empty food. In a refining process nutrient rich bran and germ are removed resulting in nearly empty process to start or flour. Most of the time processed lour is bleached to improve the appearance and texture of consumer goods. The bleached flour then is enriched by adding a few isolated B vitamins and iron in an attempt to replace what has been lost through processing. The end result are nutrient deficient consumer goods with long shelf lives but deficient in nutrient value.

Americans eat plenty but in essence we are starving. Even with the ever growing billion dollar health care industry America’s overall health continues to trend downward.

Can this trend be reversed?

The answer is Yes! You can be proactive and addressing your health by eating well, getting active and taking whole food supplements. Try Onnit Lab products and get a more active life. Weather you are a fin tuned athlete or a regular person going about their daily routine, our bodies are fine tuned instruments and need the best nutrition possible in order to do what we want to do, feel as good as we want to feel or in order to work the way we are meant to work.

Choose whole foods that are unrefined and unprocessed, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Making healthier choices about your food intake will lead you to a healthier life style.

Most Americans lead sanitary lives. You should should establish and remain faithful to an active life style. Today it is very difficult to adhere to a strict whole food diet. The use of high quality whole food supplements to support your health is essential. And just as there are differences between whole and processed foods there are also huge differences among supplements that are available in today’s market. Basically, they are made of whole food concentrates so that manufacturers take the vitamins, minerals, the trace minerals, all the parts that make the food good and put them in to a concentrate.

It is crucial to understand that not all supplements are the same. Many companies are writing the wave of supplement popularity rather than focusing on quality. Often. what you are getting in some supplements is a fraction of the whole food complex that you really need. The majority of those brands are taking pieces from part of that food and selling isolate or fraction of the vitamins. So, it’s the difference between taking the whole and taking the fraction of the parts.

We often think that more is better, however when choosing supplements quality, quantity and complexity are key. A small amount of the whole food can be more important to the human body than a large dose of an isolated single vitamin. The isolated single vitamin lacks the complexity of all the nutrients found in a whole food. Merely taking more of a single vitamin will not supply all of the nutrients you body needs.

What Nutritionists Say About Supplements

nutrients in health food storesNutritionists are speaking about a new kind of gene therapy which is using food to control your genes. Of course you also need a whole bunch of other things that will help you control your genes which are in food but you probably need extra because of all the stress; and these are vitamins and minerals, which they have to be corrected in order to fix your metabolism. There are a lot of deficiencies that people have that affect IBC like chromium, magnesium, biotin, Vitamins D, Zinc, Omega 3 fats. We need these additional nutrients because our soils and farming techniques, the food processing and distribution systems result in nutrient depleted foods.

Sir Albert Howard, who was the father of the organic agriculture movement said in his book (Soil and Health) you must treat the whole problem of health in soil, plant, animal and men, as a one great subject. Even with the perfect diet the combination of our depleted soils, the storage and transportation of our food across countries the genetic alterations of traditional animal species and the increased stress in nutrition demands resulting from a toxic environment make it almost impossible for us to get the vitamins and minerals we need just from the foods we eat. The evidence shows that we can’t get away from the need for nutritional supplements. So, make sure you are taking a good multivitamin, fish oil and vitamin D every day.

Given proper nutrition the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. It’s important to have your personal health needs evaluated by your health care professional. Ask to develop an individualized nutritional program for your specific health needs.

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