DriveScrubber by Iolo: Avoid The Dangers Of Not Erasing Your HD Properly

Did you know that almost 75% of the stuff on the hard drive of your PC can be recovered and read even after reformatting? Most people don’t know this and assume that their old data is safe. They think you can just delete files and they’re gone forever.

There are situations where you decide to give your laptop or computer to your friend. In such a situation, you are advised to delete crucial information, especially personal data, because of many reasons. Discretion is an example of such reason. Emptying your information from your laptop may not be as simple as it sounds. Data deletion is a complex process. Nowadays, there are technological tools that have been created to retrieve data even after erasing the recycle bins. This raises a lot of curtains and your security becomes a threat.

What Happens In Your Disk When You Delete A File

Normally, your data is not completely erased after you click the delete option, instead, the location you had stored your data on your hard drive is just marked empty. This empty space will be in turn used to store some other personal data. The information that was on that file remains on your drive. When a new file occupies the location of an old file, in your hard disk, it limits the probability of undeleting the same old file. Retrieving data with the new software after a file has been overwritten is always impossible if not hard.

Delete software

It is important to safeguard your personal information and completely erasing your data is essential. Data deletion is a complex problem and sometimes hard. A software tasked with the role of erasing your data totally has been created. This software has the ability to overwrite a location with other information hence ensuring that data is not left on the hard disk. Normally, the data is overwritten with a sequence of zeros and ones making it hard to retrieve. Below are some of the dangers of not deleting all your data;

●Identity theft

Many thieves and frauds have gotten rich from stolen identities. You are advised to use the delete software to delete all your personal information such as social security data. Your personal data such as Social security numbers carries your identity and can be used to access your financial statements and accounts.

●Violation of your customer’s identity

The security of data in a business or any institution is paramount. Therefore, when there is a breach in classified information, the risk if losing a client and money is high and inevitable. It is crucial that you securely erase all the information from your computer using a delete program.

●Computer breakdown

Manually deleting data using windows do not guarantee complete deletion. Most computers shut down when there is no space. To avoid damaging your PC, you are advised to delete files using a delete program.

●Data falling into wrong hands

Since manual delete program does not guarantee complete deletion of some files, data may fall into wrong hands when you sell your laptop. To avert and prevent this disaster, you are advised to use software to completely delete your data.

What Does DriveScrubber by Iolo Do

Iolo Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers in internet security and computer performance improvement software. In order to get rid of everything completely, Iolo Technologies has produced DriveScrubber. It totally wipes out the data from a hard drive and costs $29.95. This software is approved by the US Department of Defense for meeting their data removal standards. That’s saying a lot when you consider the kind of data they need to erase!

How Does DriveScrubber Work?

The whole point of DriveScrubber is to erase files permanently, including documents, pictures, bank information, credit card numbers, passwords and anything else you don’t want lying around. It has three main functions.

1. It erases everything. If you’re thinking about donating your PC or recycling it, it will remove everything completely so you don’t have to worry.

2. For a PC you plan to keep using, it just erases the hard drive’s free space. There are bits of data still hanging around there, and it wipes them while keeping your security system, existing files and OS working.

3. DriveScrubber also cleans up drives that have been damaged by viruses, malware or spyware. It wipes everything clean and restores the drive to its optimal working condition.

Features Of DriveScrubber

DriveScrubber is fully customizable. It has different security levels that you can adjust for your cleanup. The fastest is the one-pass method, which requires just one click. For a more thorough cleanup, you can use the ultra-secure electron microscopy and magnetic field residue detection shields. This allows you complete control over the program so that you can use it however you need to.

In addition to doing one-time cleanups, it also keeps your system clean. You can set it to maintain your hard drive according to your chosen settings. It will regularly clean up bits of deleted data, while keeping your operating system intact. This includes all of your files and programs, and any other data that you want to keep. You can also use this feature to transfer a system that has no personal files but only programs currently working.

DriveScrubber does all of this much faster than anything else on the market. Some systems take hours or days to completely wipe everything clean. While being the fastest, this program cuts no corners when it comes to maximum security.

You can use the program to wipe clean as many hard drives as you want with one easy process. This process can be canceled or paused and resumed at any time. One option you can choose is to wipe a drive starting from the beginning and going through to the end so that you have more chance to cancel if necessary.

A new feature that DriveScrubber now offers is the ability to wipe drives without using a boot disk that slows down your computer. You can wipe drives while operating Windows. This is a new feature for the latest version only.

Finally, if you have any doubts about whether it is effective, consider that it is US government and military compliant. This means that it meets the US military’s strict protocols for security, meaning that it could be used for critical government operations. It surpasses military specs on security and exceeds the 5220.22-M US Department of Defense standard for disk sanitizing.

Possible Downsides Of DriveScrubber

The only downside to the program is that the registration process is quite lengthy. This is because so much of your PC’s security is at stake. Some customers who are not extremely tech-savvy have found the registration process to be a little bit complicated. However, there are instructions and there is also a helpline that you can call if you have difficulties.

Few people are aware of the little bits of data that remain even when you’ve deleted files. These tiny remnants can cause you serious problems if someone has access to your computer. Whether you’re recycling parts of your computer or handling sensitive business data in your daily PC usage, DriveScrubber offers a way to make sure that all of this deleted data is 100 percent removed. There are other products like it on the market, but none that work this quickly, easily and effectively.

It is the current technology that is used to completely fix and erase freezes, errors and also crashes in a computer. It ensures that all data is deleted and will not be retrieved. It has the ability to erase all the information in your hard drive and also restore it.


There are many dangers caused by leaked information, either personal or business data. It is important therefore to completely erase all your personal information before giving out your computer. Your computer’s processing power can be crippled and work can be massively affected. Technology is advancing positively and there are new ways of deleting your data completely to avert these dangers.