Electronic Cigarettes: How Do They Work?

No smoke, no tobacco, no tar. What you see coming out of the e-cig is mere vapor. Detailed descriptions of products and accessories you can find at SouthBeachSmoke.com. The question is how it works. To find that out we must first take a look at the components of the electronic cigarette:

What Are The Parts Of An E-Cig?


The cartridge contains the “juice”; it contains the flavoring, the propylene glycole and of course the nicotine your body is craving for.


The atomizer is what actually turns the juice in the cartridge into vapor. It’s is activated by the battery.


Electronic cigarettes are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It is the longest part of the device; just like the white part of the traditional cigarette. Inside there’s a microchip which turns it on stand by once the atomizer is connected to it.

How To Assemble The Cigarette

First you will have to push the cartridge into the atomizer. Make sure you don’t twist it but push it in. Then you screw the atomizer into the battery and you are ready to smoke.

How Much Does A E-Cig Kit Cost?

There are many companies that sell electronic cigarettes. A usual price for a starter kit is between $50 and $70 which apart from the standard parts comes with 5 different cartridges of the flavors of your like, two batteries, two chargers and a case. Basically, these will last you for at least 2 months. A South Beach Smoke article is available here.

You can understand that vaporing not only does help you minimize the terrible effects of your smoking addiction it has on your health but also its cost on a daily basis.