Facts About Your Ankle You Didn’t Know

Your ankle is probably one neglected part of your body, which gives you support and strength. Gym enthusiasts might know a little bit more, but we usually don’t attend to this body part that much. Our foot is made of 26 bones and our ankle joint is made of three bones. The talus is the ankle bone and the lower leg bones of tibia and fibula form this joint. It is supported by ligaments, tendons and helps stabilize our grip.

Facts you must know about your ankle:

1. How you get injured

Athletes who jump often risk their ankles and have a sprain. It usually happens as they land on the side of the foot instead of falling flat. Intense training, exercising, stressing ligaments, can all be reasons to have an injury. Kicking sports can also be a reason for an ankle trauma.

Conditions like direct blows, displacement, crushing, and so on can lead to worsening your ankle. Your ankle ache is not limited to bones, but you can also injure your feet by straining your muscles, tearing ligaments or tendons, and so on.

2. Get into the right shoes

Many people don’t realize that they hurt their feet when they wear improper shoes. Sometimes it also happens from training mistakes while they have shoes on.

Running up a hill or on bumpy roads can be an easy reason to cause you strains and sprains. You have to prepare and prevent all of these before you get on an adventure or try a new sport.

3. Initial aid

Note that before you reach out to a doctor on an emergency, you must know the first aid. A foot or ankle condition like sprains can calm down with ice, compression or rest.

You have to get to a clinic for professional care, but even in transit, you need to have first aid handy. Severe fractures might need surgical repair and no one is immune from these treatments.

4. How To Strengthen your Ankles

Apart from stressing on your thighs and legs, you can dedicate five minutes every day to exercise your feet. These can include heel raise and toe pointing. These keep your foot muscles nurtured and happy.

5. Foot Massage Is Therapeutic

The nerve in your foot can help you treat many conditions as they are linked to many organs. A right foot massage can be your regular healing therapy or gym recovery session. You can simply dip your feet in lukewarm water and make your body feel calm – it is that easy!

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