Goodyear’s New Intelligent Tire Supports Its Stock Against Fall

For the past few years, Goodyear has been rolling out new innovative tire designs that have been successful in generating lot of interest in its products. These designs do provoke thought around the future of transport. The new tire design hides a living moss inside its sidewall and promises to cleanse the surrounding air as the vehicle rolls down the road. Named Oxygene, this tire harvests energy through photosynthesis. This tire would use LiFi to quickly hook on to the Internet and communicate.

Its Effect On Environment

This new tire won’t spin sideways, and will inhale CO2 from the air and enough moisture from the road, feeding living moss in its sidewall, releasing oxygen into the air., the online tire and wheel superstore, estimates that for the city of the size of Paris (with 3 million vehicles on the road), mass adoption of this tire can generate 3,000 tons of oxygen and can absorb 4,000 tons of CO2 a year.

What Does The New Tire Consist Off

There’s a living moss in Oxygene that resides within the sidewall. The tire-and-wheel module has three vital components. At the core of this path breaking cocnept is shock-absorbing hub (DuraWeb), a concept already being used by it for making commercial lawn mower tires. The tire which is mounted on the hub is made using fanlike, curved layers printed 3D using special rubber powder sourced from recycled tires. This structure gathers enough moisture from the road as it rolls down, funneling it into the assembly that houses moss. The recessed hubcap is translucent and allows sufficient sunlight to shine through.

How Does It Work

The four wheels of vehicle will generate sufficient power for both a visible-light communication system (LiFi) and artificial-intelligence processor responsible for watering the moss. The LiFi system will ensure high-speed data transmission in the line of sight. A light-strip encircling sidewall will serve as a warning beacon for pedestrian and other road users and will also change color accordingly.

Along with this intelligent tire, the information system prototype comprises sensors and cloud-based algorithms that will allow fleet operators to communicate in real time through smart mobile application. Due to increasing popularity of shared mobility services, the company anticipates rise in mileage driven by each vehicle using the new applications in coming year.

The intelligent tire also informs the driver about the optimal usage of tires for better uptime and also about cost-effective mobility through constant connectivity with real-time data sharing. The third-party proprietary algorithms also keep updating information on tire’s pressure, wear, and temperature, sharing these data driven diagnostic with fleet operators through the application. This will allow fleet operators to identify possible tire-related and service issues before they actually occur.

Besides this, Goodyear is also developing a completely new tire enabled electric drive mechanism, to address requirements of electric vehicles.

The concept used in the tire was developed under the guidance of Sebastien Fontaine at company’s design facility at Luxembourg. According to Sebastien, this technology would come to market in about a decade or so as many manufacturing issues are still to be addressed through further development.

Advanced Technology And Coupon Marketing Push Stocks Up

Goodyear’s foray into technology and development of innovative tire technology means increasing interest in the company. In fact, in the past few weeks, its shares have successfully outperformed the industry it belongs to. They declined just 5.6% as compared to industry’s decrease of 6,2%. Besides, it is estimated that the company’s coupon policy throught tirebuyer alone, has boosted its sales by 10%. Tirebuyer coupons are available online at car magazines, forums and Groupon.