Google Upgrades Its Mapping Service

Get Offline 3-D Maps, Trekker Mapping Service and Photo Tours with ‘Google Map’

The long protected business relationship between Google and Apple is at the fringe of turning into a rivalry. Apple, the owner of the hot selling mobile devices, iPhones and iPads, declared to the world that they may substitute the Google Maps that ship pre-installed on the iOS of their products with their own alternative which they claimed will provide better mapping services.

This does not mark the intrusion of the sour taste in their business relationship as it has already been there since 4 years ago.

The world was buying iPads and iPhones like breakfast until Google launched their Android mobile devices in 2008. Since then, while Apple still relied on the Google Map service to provide a mapping service to her customers, the idea was more like a business killer to them as they secretly sort ways for a branded alternative in order to ditch Google Maps.

As a result, Apple announced that the new version of their iOS will now ship with their branded mapping service system.

Google seems to be the leader in providing map services that even some mobile device manufacturers depended on them to satisfy customers. While providing the world a convenient mapping system, Google Map has helped Google to sell more advertisements even to local businesses and customers and thus, they seem to be doing everything they can to remain on to top of the digital mapping industry. In an indirect reply to the announcement made by Apple, Google also announced a series of upgrades going on with its mapping service system aimed at making the service more flexible, effective and satisfactory. And more also, to prove to any other company that may want to take a step into the digital mapping industry that it takes more than wishes to compete with them.

Among the upgrades going on with Google Map service are:

High Resolution Offline 3-D Mapping Service

While the Google Map service is available for everybody within the Wi-Fi coverage zones or anybody with an internet connection, in a few weeks, android users will enjoy high resolution 3-D Google Earth map which don’t rely on Wi-Fi availability to serve them.


According to Rita Chen, a product manager for Google, you don’t need those paper maps for your wildness trips and adventurous missions in the desert. The working principle behind this offline service entails saving the map of any area you’d need and calling on it during those moments in the suburbs.

The 3-D imagery services, for now, is spanning across urban areas starting with San Francisco, but the company plans to cover more than 300 million people in more cities and suburbs. This technology is prepared by flying over cities with chartered airplanes fixed with Google Cameras. According to Peter Birch, one of the product managers at Google, this is so they can succeed in creating an illusion that the user is flying over the city while using the Google Earth app.

Trekker Service

This is a service that many hikers and outdoor lovers will appreciate a lot. The Trekker service is a mapping service that is aimed at bringing those foot-accessible areas to light. If you have used and enjoyed the Street View mapping service covering urban areas, the Trekker is meant to provide equal service for those remote, off-road places that may not be ‘motorable’. The Trekker service is powered by a 40-pound, backpack-sized camera designed to take in 360-degree views of virtually any place that can be hiked or biked to.

Google Photo Tours

Google Maps is also undergoing some upgrade to provide users with new, exciting and satisfactory photo tours by using photos sourced from around the world. These photos are combined together to provide a 3D photo scene that span across more than 15,000 popular sites. While using Google Maps, you will see on the left side if there is a virtual tour made of recent images related to the city. Additionally, a click on the label for a particular landmark on Google Map will prompt you with a window that indicates if a photo tour is available. This may be the best way to previewing hotspots in a new city you may want to explore either for personal or business reasons.

However, while the news about upgrades and ditching plans are making headlines in various sites and blogs, including some live events held by these companies, none of these is actually expected to take a real shape until a few weeks, at least.

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