How System Mechanic Saved My PC

A Seemingly Inevitable Problem With PCs

Maybe you recently bought a new computer; it’s as fast as you couldn’t imagine, and you are enjoying everything from the smooth running of software to its beautiful flow in browsing. But let me tell you, this might last a few months; after this you might start wondering what happened to your new device. If you have experienced this you know exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s agree on one thing here, if you don’t like stories and your PC is a snail, then the last two paragraphs are purposefully meant for you.

So, it’s usually only after a few months that your new smooth-running PC starts slowing down and lagging. This depends on what you feed your computer with. From video games and movies to software and files. You will realize the more you add, the slower your PC gets.

This is not a made-up story;  it’s an experience and I am sure many of you can relate. A few months after purchasing my PC, I noticed that it’s getting slower every day. At this moment, I thought it’s not a big deal. So I continued using my PC for quite some time when I realized, it’s either I repair it or just dump it.Have you ever noticed those computers that after boot up they take long before you can open anything? Some of these were not bought slow. These are powerful computers that have been made slow and boring by their users with what’s installed in them. I therefore decided to look for cure for my sleeping giant, if that’s the right way, I went online. The reason I did this was that I always want to repair my software issues by myself. It might not be the case with you and neither must it be.

Temporary Solutions For Free

Online there are so many things and recommendations, I found some. I tried clearing cache but still it could not achieve any significant speed on my PC. I tried restricting auto start but still couldn’t find any solution, because even though my PC could seem faster, it was only seeming and it would seem so for limited number of hours. I decided to try out some system maintenance products. The annoying and probably funny part of this is that some slowed the PC down even further.

Before we go further, I want you to be careful with how you use your computer. Be careful of the sites you open. Take care of the software you install and stop clicking on any link that asks you to click on it.

A System Mechanic Coupon

One day, while surfing for a deals site, I found that I could get up to 70% discount coupon on a software named System Mechanic by iolo. The coupon attracted me into purchasing the software which is $39.95, an insignificant price if you think that I was almost about to take my PC for a costly service. Iolo coupons give up to 70% discount and are available year round.

What Does This Software Do

Some of the benefits system mechanic offers include; speed boosting. System Mechanic automatically speeds up the the availability of RAM and other resources when a high demand application is launched. It scans and solves more than 30,000 issues with the help of updates from iolo labs. It removes bloatware puts to protection your privacy.

System mechanic unleashes internet speed by automatically optimizing hidden within windows internet settings. It also does away with different types of junks to enable free your space. To cut this story short, the day before I purchased system mechanic was the last day I had my PC lagging. One thing to note about system mechanic is that it’s intelligent and does over 80% of it’s work automatically and that by using it’s coupons you can get up to 70% off $49.95. Incredible deal, right?