How A Picture Worth $24 Saved A Groom From Trouble

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Making Things As Clear As Possible

Well, there’s one day that means everything to a woman -and It’s not about the groom at all. It’s all about her – her dream venue, the people she want’s at the wedding to the ultimate point of this day she’s been planning for all her life:

The dress!

The groom can only dull in comparison and let her have her day.

And so comes the wedding DVD. This is hisonly hope of contributing anything besides patience and money to the day. Tocapture the special moment in all of its glory – so quality is the one thingdefinitely not to be overlooked. This is not about exceeding his alreadystrained budget by buying an expensive camera or hiring a cinematographer(justreading this sounds expensive).

The cheeky smile on his face, while he stands at the altar, is from knowing he won. He knows what you & I and anyone who’s a professional planning to capture a scenario on video must absolutely know.

You can get the same if not much more results that come from a High Definition camera with high-caliber resolution and superior density from just editing your video content using a powerful software.Taking the concern into our own hands.

We went through the best of the best in video editing software to find a great deal not only for you but for ourselves too. We went through massive amounts of footage editing to pit them against each other. But, no matter how hard we tried – we couldn’t find one better than the Pinnacle Studio 22. Besides, a sophisticated editing software like this normally costs a lot, but thanks to a pinnacle studio coupon we had the managed to save about 20%. Pinnacle coupons can be found here.

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They Really Mean It When They Say Their Best Just Got Better

-Giving your camera the extra edge in picture quality by Transforming/Transcending your quality into crystalline clear 4K

-Letting you stabilize the new cutting-edge method of 360 video shooting

-As if the video benefits weren’t enough, the effects you can use to enhance the audio are groundbreaking. The Audio Ducking feature allows you to play with the audio. Taking two audio tracks & making them distinguishable by choosing which one you want to have in focus and let the other fade into the background. This is ideal for voiceovers, where you have to fade the music in the background to let the voice shine through.

There’s Proof in their pudding. Here are the specs:

Stylized Paint Effects

Video Morph Transitions

360 Spherical Video Editing

100+ Fx Presets

1600+ Video Filters & Effects

Fluid Wide Angle Camera Lens Alignment Correction

Split Screen Video Feature

Audio Ducking

64-Bit Architecture

3D Features

Timeline & Storyboard Editing

We don’t need a camera with a 4k lens to notice a great deal when we see one. All this value for just $23 is unbeatable.What are you waiting for?

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