How I Dropped The Cost of Smoking with South Beach Smoke Coupon

I‘ve been smoking since I was 16. After the school my friends and I would go to our hide out, a park not far from my neighborhood and smoke. In the beginning we were only taking small puffs and cough almost disgusted. We would take turns in buying cigarettes. Each pack would last us for a week, there were four of us, so I got to buy a pack once a month.

My Bad Smoking Habit

Then, addiction came, no coughing anymore, mere addiction, and I had to buy a pack every other day. I was a college student by now, independent and was working part time in the local library. I remember having to take small breaks, walk out of the building to smoke. I just couldn’t help it. Tragically enough, a third of my small salary would fund my habit. It had to change. I had tried 4 times to quit. The longest I managed to stay away from smoking was 4 months. In the first sorrow or fight with my girlfriend I would go back to find solace in nicotine. My last effort of quiting was in 2012. That year, smoking alone had cost me around $1400. I knew I couldn’t go on like that. That had to stop.

Vaping: The New Smoking

I had heard of electronic cigarettes (I had seen an ad banner somewhere online) but I had not given it attention at all. I was thinking it might have been one more scam and I didn’t have money to waste on useless stuff anyway. So, I kept doing what I knew best, inhaling poison which comes with stinking to death and other nasty side effects.

South Beach Smoke

One day I saw a guy I knew from work, smoking a cigarette and every time he puffed a tiny led light turned on. I asked him what it was and he told me that was his best investment ever: a South Best Smoke electronic cigarette. He told me that he had quit the traditional cigarettes a year now and didn’t feel like going back. His health had improved substantially and his breath was fresh again.

Finding South Beach Smoke Coupon

I couldn’t help my curiosity and I asked how much it had cost. To make the long story short, the starter kit which comes with 5 cartridges with the flavor of your choice, two batteries, a charger and a case, costs only $119. If you use a South beach smoke discount coupon you save 20%. All I had to do was to google the query “South beach smoke coupon” to get dozens of deals sites which offer discount codes for free. I found one here and used it at check out.

Save With a South beach Smoke Discount Coupon

Bottom line, is I now spend less than half of what I used to, my health is great, my car, clothes and apartment do not stink anymore. I even smoke indoors when at work. You see, with e-cigs you exhale vapor. You have a wide selection of different flavors and you can choose how strong you want it, how much nicotine you want in the cartridge. Really, I couldn’t ask for more.

Now, thanks to SouthBeachSmoke’s e-cigs and its promo codes I don’t spend more than $500 a year, I don’t stink and most importantly, my health has improved dramatically.

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