How To Avoid Flu This Winter

The fall season comes hand in hand with the flu. Every year many people get infected with influenza, the flu. They usually suffer from coughs, body aches, fever and chills, and vomiting in children. As much as there exists numerous other illnesses that people should avoid during this season, by taking a few precautions, one can increase his chances of getting through the fall without being infected by this virus.

Good hands hygiene

Germs are easily transmitted from one person to another through physical contact just as they can be transmitted through in the air by sneezing. Due to this fact, it is important to practice proper hand washing technique. This will help in avoiding bacteria and infection which may end up causing, vomiting, diarrhea, and the flu.

Most people use a minimal amount of soap when washing their hands in restrooms. Proper hands hygiene involves using enough soap on the hands and working it into a good lather. On average, this should take a person between 20 and 30 seconds. It is also acceptable to rub the hands with an alcohol-based gel.

Increase the amount of probiotics in the diet

Health practitioners recommend that people should eat foods that are rich in probiotics like yogurt. A healthy diet will in turn lead to a healthy immune system. Probiotics are used to boost and improve the body’s immune system. This will help in increasing the body’s resistance to flu and cold.

A stress-free lifestyle

Managing stress is an important pat of remaining healthy. Researchers have revealed that stress is an immune suppressant. It can largely contribute to both acute and chronic illnesses. Therefore, developing stress management skills is a fundamental part of preventing various illnesses, including the flu.

Get enough sleep

Sleep presents the body with an opportunity of repairing and recuperating itself. Poor sleeping habits or lack of sleep entirely promotes an unhealthy immune system, making an individual susceptible to sickness. Recent studies have shown that people who sleep for less than six hours every night are 4 times more likely to be infected with flu that the ones that get seven or more hours of sleep.

Furthermore, people who do not get enough sleep end up becoming stressed and cranky. When compared to happy and buoyant people, people who are stressed and irritated find it more difficult to fight off infection.

Drink more water

Drinking a lot of water (a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day) can help the body in staying healthy. Water helps to improve the functioning of the kidney and as a result, more toxins that had been accumulated in the body are flushed out. When people get sick. The absence of adequate water makes the mucus drier and thicker. This means that the body has less defense when coping with bacteria and viruses.

A healthier diet

People should incorporate vegetables that are rich in zinc, vitamins, and antioxidants in their diets. They help in improving the body’s natural defense system and aid in avoiding unwanted virus attacks.

It is therefore important to ensure diets are supplemented with vitamin C. This can be done by eating two servings of vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamin C. They include citrus fruits, potatoes, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes. In addition to this, consuming vitamin D supplements will also be very beneficial.

In case the above foods are unavailable, difficult to get, or not preferred by an individual because of taste or other reasons, vitamin and supplement products is another way of ensuring a healthy diet. Both vitamins C and D, among numerous other beneficial products can be bought online from Vitacost. Vitacost is one of the largest e-commerce companies that sells supplements, vitamins, and sports nutrition. They offer the most-trusted brands at affordable prices to help people achieve their health goals.

In case of infection

Symptoms of flu in children are ear pain, unusual lethargy, refusal to drink anything, and breathing difficulties. Adults usually experience prolonged fever (more than 3 days), prolonged nasal congestion (more than two weeks), and red eyes with discharge.

When these symptoms begin to show, one should go and see a doctor immediately. Antiviral medications that fight the flu can be gotten from local providers. For those who are healthy, the flu shot is the best way of preventing infection.

When a person is infected, it is important to protect other people. Such an individual should stay home in order to rest and heal more quickly. This will also protect others as he will not be transmitting the virus to those around him.

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