How to Run Windows on Mac – Parallels Desktop for Mac

The power of Desktop Virtualization

I know you love your Mac; user friendly design, gorgeous interface, excellent performance. The only problem, none of your Windows applications are there. No Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Quicbooks, Autocad; non of your PC apps. Fortunately, with Parallels Desktop for Mac you can run Windows applications like they were made for your mac. Let’s have a look.

Launch microsoft without rebooting your Mac. One click on the icon and that’s all. If you are new to Mac hit the familiar windows experience on your Mac and work on a full screen mode. If you love the Mac OS interface make windows invisible in coherence mode. Your Windows programs will look just like Mac applications. You can easily copy and paste or drag and drop between Mac and Windows and even use the Mac OS gestures and dictations on your windows apps.

Windows 10 works just the way you want it to. With Parallels Desktop you will have again the real Start Menu experience so all Windows and Mac applications do more than work. They work together seamlessly. No need to wonder if you will get support for the latest OS for either Apple or Microsoft. OS X Mavericks and Windows Blue; it works. For work, play or whatever you do, Parallels blends performance and seamless experience into a world winning solution.

The price is not a problem either. With Parallels coupons you can have a substantial discount and save from your purchase.

how to run windows on mac

What Users Say About Parallels Desktop

Current users of Desktop for Mac say “My Windows programs operate better on my Mac than they ever did on my PC”.

“Parallels Desktop is the number 1 choice of Mac users world wide. It has united Mac and Windows”.

A world of opportunity awaits the new user.

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