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What Is Iolo

Iolo is a company with some serious distinctions. The American Business Awards called it the fastest growing company of both 2010 and 2009, and it named the company’s CEO executive of the year. Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, it has grown to its current presence in over 33 countries worldwide with more than 36 million people relying on iolo for their computing, security and data recovery.

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Iolo produces software that fixes, optimizes and provides security for Windows PCs. In its 13 years of doing this, it has pioneered the field of PC tune-up software. Today it holds 85% of the market in the US and 98% in Canada. Its award winning products like its flagship System Mechanic, Search and Recover, and DriveScrubber are sold in all major department stores.

The trademark of Iolo products are their power and sophisticated features combined with ease-of-use for everyone from amateurs to professionals. Iolo’s products keep computers running quickly and securely. They save companies money by preventing the usual problems that plague computers.

Iolo Products

System Mechanic Review

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System Mechanic is a powerful diagnostic tool for PCs. It runs more than 200 critical tests in just a couple of minutes that utilize more than 50 tools to locate and diagnose problems. No diagnostic software tool brings this kind of speed and power to what it does.

Although powerful, System Mechanic is also extremely easy to use. You don’t need to be a computer expert to run it. When it locates problems, it gives you a clear explanation of what is wrong in layman’s terms. It also presents you with straightforward actions that will repair your PC and get it running again. You can also consider the options it gives you and choose which you’d like to do.

System Mechanic is ideal for slow-running computers. If your start-up time is slow, downloads take forever, or your PC is plagued by crashes, errors and mysterious restarts, this program is idea. It does your PC’s regular maintenance for you and helps you get rid of whatever junk is slowing it down. It’s the only program on the market that targets each of the 9 root causes of slowdowns in PCs.

Iolo also offers System Mechanic Business, a version of the program that’s designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with network-friendly options, volume pricing, and features designed especially for companies to use.

Where Can I Find Discount Coupons For System Mechanic?

To receive a discount for System Mechanic Pro find the special coupon box at check out and type the promo VDAY.


System Shield Review

One of the main reasons for PC slowdowns is viruses and spyware. System Shield is a program that offers high-quality protection and works quietly and efficiently. Unlike other antivirus programs, it doesn’t slow your computer down more while it works. You can keep working, surfing, gaming or chatting and you won’t even know that it’s working.

The program protects your computer from over 2 million threats including viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan horses, tracking software, backdoors and more. It keeps you safe from identity theft, password theft and most sophisticated threats like keyloggers and rootkits. System Shield offers ongoing protection. Once a threat is identified, it destroys it and seals off entry points so that it can’t enter again.

Iolo uses the most advanced technologies available today. Its iolo AntiVirus blocks viruses and malware while its iolo AntiSpyware eliminates spyware, adware and anything else that compromises your privacy. HyperScan Technology keeps it constantly monitoring your PC so that it can stop attacks in real-time and its unique Sentient Technology uses artificial intelligence heuristics to recognize new and unknown threats.


Aside from the depth of its protection, its other real advantage over other security software programs is that it doesn’t weigh down your computer. It uses less memory and fewer CPU resources, and this prevents it from slowing things down. This is why iolo’s System Shield is a favorite among gamers and others who use high-performance programs on their PCs. When using programs like these, the extra memory your antivirus software uses can cause crashes, but not so with System Shield.

Where Can I Find Discount Coupons For System Shield?

Simply type the promo code “AF50iolo” in coupon box at check-out and you will receive 50% discount.

Search And Recover

search-and-recover-ioloSearch and Recover is iolo’s solution to the files you accidentally deleted. It rescues deleted files, photos, emails, videos, and songs with just one click. Even if you lost the file years ago, Search and Recover can find it.

What distinguishes iolo’s data recovery software from others is its flexibility. It can recover digital media from any source, including cameras, flash drives, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, and music players. It also recovers data from more different drive types and email programs than the competition. Even if your hard drive is damaged, malfunctioning or repartitioned, it can find your old files.

To use Search and Recover, there’s a step-by-step wizard that walks you through the process. You just need to point to the folder, drive or device and with a single click it will quickly recover all lost data. It does this using its powerful SmartScan and StrongScan technology.

Not only does it give you peace of mind knowing that if you accidentally delete something, it’s not gone forever, but it also lets you delete a file once and for all. If there’s a sensitive file that you want to make disappear forever, Search and Recover allows you to permanently erase this data so that even the strongest recovery software can’t find it again.

Where Can I Find Discount Coupons For Search and Recover?

Scroll this page up and you will find a list of iolo coupons. Any coupon will do the job and save you 70% off your order.

Driver Scrubber Review

driver-scrubberDeleting files doesn’t work because any data can be recovered, but iolo’s DriveScrubber can make old files disappear forever. This program permanently erases files, bank statements, financial information such as credit card numbers, passwords, documents, pictures and more. It wipes everything completely so that you can sell or recycle your hard drive without worrying. Once wiped with DriveScrubber it’s as good as new.

This program offers some different options. You can wipe the entire drive or just part of the drive. For example, if you have a drive that has been damaged or infected by viruses, you can choose to wipe just these drives. You can also wipe only free space in order to get rid of the bits of data that remain. It’s easy to use and fully customizable.

Available Promo Codes For Driver Scrubber

When you are ready to check out from iolo.com e-shop, search for the special coupon box and type the promo “AF50iolo”. This coupon will grant you a 50% discount off the total price you are paying.

System Mechanic Professional Review

System Mechanic Professional includes the basic System Mechanic software as well as 4 other Iolo products – AntiVirus and AntiSpyware, Drive Scrubber, Recover Erased Files, and Online backup. This is a comprehensive package that offers all of these products at reduced price.

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