Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

The skin being the largest body organ requires a lot of attention and care to protect other body organs. Many companies have manufactured sunscreens to serve this function. Whether you are going to the beach to enjoy a sunny day or visiting a place with a lot of sun, you will need sunscreen for your skin.

Sunscreen is a product in the form of a cream or a lotion that is applied onto the skin to protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun when exposed to excessive sunshine. They are so many sunscreens in the market, some are genuine while others deceive buyers into believing that they will receive good results when it turn, they actually harm the skin.

Why people use sunscreen

• To protect their skin from harmful sun rays
• To reduce the appearance of red spots and facial spots
• To slow down the skin from aging and appearing wrinkled
• To protect their skin against skin cancer

Criteria for choosing the right sunscreen for you

Before you decide to use sunscreen, you need to know your skin type as different sunscreens are suitable skin types like for children, the aged, those of darker skin complexion and those who are light. One good sunscreen is Elta MD UV which is suitable for all skin types and even for children.

Pick a sunscreen that causes minimal irritation to your skin because the more you itch your skin, the more you break the alignment of cells on your skin hence damaging it. Choose a sunscreen that is photostable meaning that it does not melt or break down when exposed to the sun. Also, use a sunscreen that you can afford. Avoid the notion that the more expensive ones are the best as you can end living lifestyle you cannot keep up with.

Dangers of some sunscreen ingredients

Before you decide to buy a sunscreen or use it, you should look at the ingredients that it is made of as some of them may be harmful. Manufacturers will not inform you of this as they want you to purchase the sunscreen as much as possible.

Some of these ingredients can also affect other posing a danger to the environment. Below are some of the ingredients and the dangers they pose to your body;
• Sunscreens that contain nanoparticles which penetrate deep into the skin can be very harmful to your body as they may enter the bloodstream interfering with the circulatory system.
• Nanoparticles mixed with titanium oxide or zinc oxide may block the pores on the skin preventing the skin from breathing. Although they are meant to be UV blocking ingredients, they may cause more harm than good.
• Sunscreens with oxybenzene are also a danger since when you apply them, they create a white covering on the skin meant to protect the skin from harmful rays. This covering when washed damages coral reefs hence destroying the environment.
• Sunscreens with retinyl palmitate are also harmful to the skin as they are not recommended by organizations concerned with health such as the Environmental Working Group.

General recommendations

Sometimes the solution does not lie with using sunscreen. You can opt for other methods when protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. One way is by staying under a shade or avoiding the sun when it is at its peak. If you have to use sunscreen, use the more natural ones made of herbs such as the Elemental Herbs All Good Sunscreen which does not have side effects.
Moreover, choose sunscreens with an SPF of below 50 as they contain less dangerous ingredients. Do not assume that if you use one with a higher SPF then you will not be affected.


Use sunscreen that you are sure will not harm you. Do not destroy your skin when you only intended tο protect yourself.

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