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The Company Profile

Kaspersky is Russian software manufacturer which started in 1997 by Eugen and Natalia Kaspersky. Now, it’s a multinational company, called Kaspersky Lab, based in Moscow, specializing on developing internet security software and threat management systems. It ranks fourth among the top antivirus manufacturers, runs offices in 200 countries and serves around 300 million computers. Kaspersky offers discount coupons and promotional codes for all its products, the Internet Security, the Antivirus and the Pure an. You will also find software for Mac and Android devices.

Kaspersky MultiDevice Protection

Surf Safely On Any Device Because children should be able to explore the internet without risk Kaspersky protects them and the rest of the family from clicking on malicious links across all devices Mix and Match Between Devices We all use a variety of devices to connect to the internet. Now you can mix and match your security for any combination of devices. Real Time Protection And because you are never really sure what’s out there Kaspersky gives real time protection from all the latest internet threats.


Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Android Loss – Theft Protection Does nothing quite like the anxiety of losing your smartphone or tablet? Or the relief of finding that again. Mobile malware protection There are millions of applications downloaded everyday. Kaspersky makes sure the users installs apps by defending against mobile malware in real time. Call and Text Filtering Receiving unwanted calls and texts from under numbers can be unsettling. Kaspersky gives you the control to filter all calls and texts. Fast and Easy to Use Getting protected can be a frustrating business. The company provides hassle free, high performance protection that’s really easy to use. When you make a financial transaction online the big question is: is it safe? Safe Online Banking and Shopping With Kaspersky’s online banking technologies the answer is yes.

Does the Company give Discount Coupons?

Kaspersky coupons are available in the form of discount links. Just activate the offer and save more than 50% off every software you buy at kaspersky website. You don’t need a coupon code. Just click on the links above to buy cheaper. Nonetheless, if you are looking for another antivirus provider you might want to use our 123Inkjet coupon page.

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