Amazing Advancements In Health Technology

health and technology

These days, it seems like every single aspect of our lives has been affected by technology in one way or another. Health is probably one of the most important things that has been changing and in recent years; we have seen some pretty amazing advancements that are going to amaze you. Today we are going to talk to you about some of our personal favorite changes that we think are going to make your life easier than ever. Being healthy and maintaining that health is easier than ever before and we are very excited to see what the future has in store for all of us. Things just keep getting better and better and easier than ever before.

Lowering the Amount of Blood Loss From Injury

ITClampIn the past, if someone were to become injured, say, in battle; they would typically lose quite a bit of blood and there wasn’t much that could be done about it. Slowing down this blood is something that many have been trying to figure out for quite some time now and there is finally a great device that can do just that and better than we would have ever been able to anticipate. This is especially beneficial if you are in a situation where you cannot readily be helped and need to find your way to a doctor.

The answer to your problems is known as the ITClamp. This clamp is so easy to use, not only can you use it on yourself but you can even use it on a friend. It was literally inspired by a hair clip and literally can stop or slow down blood flow within a few short seconds. With that kind of control, you are going to be able to greatly reduce the number of deaths due to traumatic injury. We must say, this clamp isn’t meant to yet take the place of a tourniquet but it definitely shows promise and in the future it may be able to do just that.

Due to all of the injuries that are happening in war on a daily basis, this is going to be a life changing and life saving device that we are very excited about. It is being added as a regular item to many civilian as well as combat hospitals in and around war zones. With this clamp able to stay in place for a few hours at a time, many people are going to be able to get back to their lives faster than ever and families aren’t going to have to say goodbye to their loved ones as often.

Preventing Seizures


If you or anyone you know has problems with seizures then you know just how scary the whole ordeal can be. They can seem to come completely out of the blue and are a very traumatizing thing to experience, whether you are the one who is having it or if you are there and trying to help. There are millions of people in the world who suffer from seizures on a regular basis and about a third of those people have yet to respond to treatments. However, there is a new anti-seizure device that could change the game.

This device is made up of electrodes that are actually implanted directly in the brain. They are connected to a neurostimulator that senses when a seizure is about to happen. This is when the device sends small electrical impulses to the brain to stop the seizure from being able to start. The only problem with these devices so far is that they tend to have false positives but this is still a huge step in health and shows signs of being quite useful for those affected by seizures.

Wheelchairs Keep Getting Better and Better

Wheelchairs improvementsWhile being unable to walk used to make life very difficult, these days there are so many great options when it comes to wheelchairs. They have gotten smaller and able to get around much better than ever before. We are very excited about the 4WD Permoveh wheelchair which is able to turn sharper than anything else we have ever seen. If you previously weren’t able to use a wheelchair in your home, those days are about to be long gone for you; on top of that, the controls are so simple, anyone can use this baby.

Nutritional Supplements

supplement tabletsNever in history had people access to that vast variety of nutrients, minerals, protein, minerals, vitamins and other sophisticated ingredients all in one pill or in a scoop of powder. The recent years the research laboratories have come up with amazing products that feed our body with all those valuable nutrients for the necessary functions. Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs is a nootropic supplement one of the best if its kind.

Diagnosing the Flu Just Got Easier

If you look back a mere 3 years, you can probably recall a time when the flu took what felt like a lifetime to diagnose. Many individuals died in 2009 from H1N1 and because of this there has been a race to speed up the process. Harvard researchers have come up with a the RT-PCR test which is faster than anything on the market today, more affordable and is even disposable.