Monetizing Your Blog: Sources Of Income Other Than Google Adsense

Virtually any person who wants to begin a business online has Google Adsense in mind as a way of making some money. Many Adsense publishers have been earning a lot of money and their testimony has driven a lot of people into Adsense publishing. The program is very lucrative when done well. And Google has never been late in payments.

While Google Adsense remains the primary source of income for many bloggers and site owners, it will really pay if other earning options are merged with that of Google in order to maximize earning capabilities. Most of these other options do not go against the Google’s Adsense rules and will never do more than getting you some extra money for your efforts. Let us now take a look at these options with which you can monetize your blog and make more money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business scheme where you promote a company at your website or social media and you get paid according to the sales you induce. The promotion is performed by displaying an ad of a third party in your blog. The ad is normally a link that directs clicks to the owners’ site. Unlike Adsense programs, affiliates are paid a certain commission when any click-through from their site is effectively converted into buyers. This is called Cost Per Sale (CPS).

However, there is another form of affiliate program called Cost Per Action (CPA). In this case affiliates are paid for every sign up or rather lead that they generate. For, instance if you sign up to become an affiliate for weight loss course. You will be paid for every sign up to the course through your site or blog. The amount is not the same for all CPA offers.

These two affiliate programs are different. But many affiliate networks do have both programs. Affiliate networks vary from the kind of products to the kind of affiliate program.  Some are networks for only digital products, some sell both digital and physical products, some are Cost Per Sale networks while others are Cost Per Action. In each case, you are required to test different formats and find out which one works for your blog.

Some of the largest and most reliable affiliate networks are CJ, Linkshare and Clickbank. These networks is the place (where companies who want to expand their advertising channels) and bloggers (who want sell services and products) meet. As a blog owner you can register and start applying for affiliation with companies related to your niche. If you own a tech blog, you can register in an affiliate network and start looking for a tech company which gives a nice commission and products which inspire you. You can apply for an affiliation and when you get accepted you can start featuring and promoting that company at your website and social media. Technology companies usually give higher commissions, e.g. 15%-70%.


This is an Adsense program where chitika ads are displayed only to visitors that came to your site through search engines. Hence regular blog visitors might not see these ads. But it is still a very effective way of monetizing your blog for more revenue. Getting a Chitika adsense account is free!

Amazon And Ebay

These are two popular online market places. Many people are rich due to their affiliation with this sites. One good thing about them is that they have gained trust in selling and shipping. And that makes it easy for you to promote both physical goods and digital ones.

Promote Your Own Product

Have you given this a thought before? If you already have a list of subscribers or blog readers who are passionate for the new and informative steps and tip you share with them, don’t you think they will be interested to wear or use products with a logo or name of your blog. Many will say NO to this, but if there names are coined on the product too, won’t they like it?

Also creating and promoting your own product through your blog can make you a lot of money. In that case, you get to keep all your earnings and can possibly get affiliates for your products.

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