When to go for a Dedicated Server to host your site?

As your site’s content and daily visitors are increasing, at some point you might have to move from a shared server to a dedicated server. Usually, a busy site visited by more 10,000 visitors – around 70,000 page views – a day will soon need a dedicated server, especially if its content (images, videos) is generated by users and is constantly growing beyond control. When we launch a new site, we host it on a shared server, along with other sites. However, if our site grows dramatically over time it will hurt the performance of the others hosted on that server. That’s why hosting companies pose a limitation on the amount of load for every site.

Page Loading Time Is Increasing or Pages Do Not Load At All?

Although there won’t be only one sign that your site needs its own server, the first and most common one is the time of loading. If you have seen an increase at your page views and visitors and at the same time you notice that the pages do not load as fast as they used to, then you probably need to talk to your web hosting company and buy another package where you will be having (and managing) your own server. The problem is much more serious if the site’s performance in general is very poor, for example if the pages sometimes do not load at all or if you see error messages. You will probably get notified by your own visitors as well urging you to take the necessary measures. Make sure to act fast cause you don’t want frustrated users in your website/forum.

Get Your Own Server

Talking about buying for your own server you then have two options; a managed or self-managed Dedicated Server. The latter can be a hard and daunting process if you haven’t done this before but and you will have the freedom to access root and customize it according to your needs. You should acquire knowledge to install all the necessary software and upgrade it regularly, configure email and hosting settings, maintain backups, set up all security features, compile software from source code, and much more. On the other hand, you might want to go for a managed dedicated server which will give you peace of mind.

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