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How Much Do I Have To Pay For A Webhosting Plan

There are hundreds of good webhosting companies out there, all trying to get a chunk from the huge market of hosting services. Because of the nature of this service, the market is not limited by geographical boundaries but expands beyond borders so that a webhosting service in Japan can cover the needs of an online business in Brazil or a Norwegian company can host the website of a Nigerian blogger. Hosting plans are very similar from one company to another. There are the cheap ones which are intended to amateurs or small blogs which cost around $50-$60 per year and provide the basic stuff which basically is everything a site requires to run smoothly online with 24/7 live tech support, sufficient disk space, web mail service and many other features. Typically, these plans are ok for small to medium size blogs with a daily traffic up to approximately 2,000 visitors.

Then there are more expensive plans, for businesses and big companies, which require bigger, dedicated servers to handle the huge traffic coming in, unlimited disk space and some extra services like ecommerce, extra domain name registration and bulk hosting. This can go up to $190 annually and above according to the extras.

I recently came across an awesome web hosting company and wanted to share with you why I choose to host my sites with them as well as the current sales and discount codes they offer.

The Challenge of Picking Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting can be confusing with so many companies to choose from. After doing my research I decided to go with Netfirms.com and I feel it has been a great decision. Netfirms has given me the ability to really grow my web presence without having to pay more money. This is because they offer both unlimited disk space and unlimited websites on the expectational value Plus Plan that they currently offer. Best of all, Netfirms.com is running a special introductory offer for new customers that is practically giving the Plus Plan away for less than $5 a month on a 2 year billing contract. Even without this spectacular discount – which effectively slashes your monthly hosting fee by over 50% on their already low pricing – this would still be an awesome deal. However, with this incredible discount added in there is simply no competition to rival Netfirms in the hosting business!

Netfirms Coupons

netfirms coupons

When you host websites it is essential that your web host provides good uptime and fast loading times for your web pages. Unfortunately, many hosts fall short on these two key metrics. I’m happy to report that since I began using Netfirms both my uptime and loading speeds have been outstanding. What’s more, the extras included with my account – including the 24/7 email support and free $25 Yahoo advertising bonus to generate fast traffic – have proved very helpful. The best current deal available through Netfirms is their Plus Plan; however, if you’re in the market for a domain name then it’s possible to get a great discount which brings the cost down to $4.95 with a coupon code. This coupon code is PROMO495.

Netfirms was launched in 1998 to cover the webhosting needs for professionals, businesses and individuals. Now it hosts about 1.3 million websites. Netfirms offers several hosting plans according to your needs, domain name registration and e-commerce solutions. Businesses can also find marketing services, email hosting and other technology services.

Can I Find A Coupon For My Netfirms Hosting Service?

If you add the domain registration and webhosting cost then you get a price which might make you wince, especially if you are starting an online business and making no money yet. Don’t worry; I’ve got good news for you. You can get the Netfirms coupon and save up to 20% off the annual price plus get some additional services, like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads as a gift. How do you feel now?

Let me give you some information about this webhost. Netfirms, which is based in Buffalo, NY, started offering webhosting plans in 1998. It has a wide range of plans that cover all needs that a blogger, professional or a corporation might need. Their excellent service and online support make Netfirms one of the most reliable webhosting companies worldwide.

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