How To Access Your Desktop Apps With Your Phone

We all know and suffer the discomfort caused by having all the applications we need in different places. Especially, those applications that are only available for desktop computers. So we just choose to use similar applications, although not with the same quality, on our phones. But, what if we told you that you can have all the applications of your computer on your phone, without affecting the phone at all? And not only on your phone, but also on other smart devices such as tablets and watches. No, we are not crazy or advanced in time. Parallels Access is the new application we recently discovered that allows us do that and more!

This is the application that allows you to run applications and open the files you have on your computer, but on your portable devices. It does not modify anything with respect to the visibility or functionality, it only transports it. Do you think it’s a magical solution? Well, it is not, it’s simply the best technology we have in our days. You can connect up to 24 of your computer applications on your phone or tablet in a simple tap. But as long as you have an internet connection, obviously. And if what worries you is the adaptation of the size of the screen, you should stop thinking about that. This is because it perfectly adapts the application to your mobile, no matter how many inches your portable device counts.

access desktop remotely

It’s Time To Connect

Stop complaining because ordinary VNC apps do not adapt to your device’s screen, and they do not allow you to see everything clearly and accurately. Download this wonderful app for only $20 a year and enjoy your favorite apps on all your portable devices, be they iOS or even Android. The only thing you will need is a simple user account to access all applications from unlimited devices. Including watches! Although you cannot run your applications from these, just monitor if Parallels is running on your computer or if it is ready for a connection. What you can do on watches, even with your eyes closed, is to play the music of your computer.

What Can You Do With Parallels Access?

It’s not just connecting and running applications. You can also control your files. That’s right, you can move, copy as well as delete and paste all the files that are on your computer, from your tablet or phone. Another very interesting and peculiar factor is that you can access the files that are in your cloud service accounts. Such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Carrying your information everywhere is another one of the wonders of this amazing app! As you can access files, music, photos, and applications, you can use this control to move them from place. To explain a little better, you can move or copy and paste the files you need, which are on your computer, directly from and to your phone or tablet to wherever you want them. And if you are a gamer or just one of the people who love video games, you should know that this app has an experimental phase that allows you to access them. This special mode, which is still under test, allows you to easily access and control desktop computer games on previously mentioned devices.

Is There Any Way To Pay Less For This App?

Twenty dollars is a lot of money for a mobile application, and most of us know this. Also, we fully understand that we do not all have the same monetary capacity to make this investment. However, if you do not have the amount of dollars that is requested by this application in the application market, you can always use the coupons.

There are hundreds all over the web! And you can get a discount on the original price from 20% to 70%, depending on the page that grants it. And yes, this price will continue to be for the ANNUAL use of the application, not for the number of times you use it or limited months.

So why wait? Find your best offer coupon right now and get it for an even more affordable price! If you like the idea as much as we do, but you think it sounds a little complicated, Parallels Access also has the solution to this problem. It has a File-Manager Tutorial as well as an Improved Help- system that will guide you during your learning about this application, so you do not stop enjoying all the advantages it has for you.

What are you waiting for? You will not get any other application on the web with so many benefits or incredible features for a price as modest as that offered by this app. Download it now and check that this is the application you were looking for.