Parallels Toolbox Review

New user of Mac always have a hard time adjusting and utilising all features on the OS. Parallels toolbox is a utility software that allows you to perform tasks that may take much time or need much experience with one click. The tool launches over 30 quick performance tools on your desktop to free memory, record screen, change image size, stop notifications and many other basic computing tasks.

Here is a look at how Parallels Toolbox makes your life on Mac easy.

1. Screen Recording and screenshots.

Taking a record of your screen may be very is important for keeping indisputable referential records. Parallels Toolbox takes a screenshot of your whole screen or a section of the screen that you want. The file will be automatically saved on your desktop.

2. Video Download and Converter.

Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo videos that impress you are just a copy paste away with Parallels toolbox video downloader. After pasting the URL the download starts immediately. You can also convert the video to your desired format at the video converter. The toolbox now has a download audio app for audio files from the Internet.

The latest version has an easy to use zip tool that allows you to zip files for easy transfer.

3. Presentation support.

When presenting, pop ups and noisy notifications can be a nuisance. After switching to the presentation mode, the tool stops all pop ups on the screen. It is also a great way to concentrate on a desktop task. I personally love it for ample typing time.

4. Take photos, Change image size and convert images.

If your image doesn’t fit your required specifications, the tool has a photo editor that enables you to format it to a new size, shape and format. The new tool has a camera tab that quickly launches your webcam to take images.

5. Free space, boost performance and clean trash.

Duplicate files on your Mac are not easy to isolate, The tool does the task for you and reduces memory wastage. When my MAC Ram is running low on memory, I simply run it to clear the load and clean my cache, the performance depends on the number of active apps you are running. Sometimes the space achieved may be huge or just a few Megabytes.

6. Recording audio and muting microphone.

When doing a video call on Hangouts or another group video call, the mute microphone button allows you to reduce background noise from your side. The record audio button also allows you to instantly record all audio when calling on your Mac.

Other tools improved on Parallels include:

  • Make GIF
  • Lock screen that prevents people from using your computer.
  • Do not sleep tool to keep the screen on.
  • Remove volume for offloading external devices.
  • Hide desktop. This is for hiding your messy desktop from visitors

After downloading the tool. Parallels toolbox will be on your Mac taskbar, however you will have to install plugins for the individual tools after the first click. The icons on your desktop help you perform the tasks easily.The range of helpful resources on this toolbox is just amazing. You can get a seven day free trial before making the purchase. The annual subscription costs $19.99. Coupons for Parallels desktop can be used and reduce the price by 15%.

The app is complimented with personal assistance tools such as a timer, an event tracker and a subscription notifier. Notifications for every completed task are timely keeping you updated. It is best for professionals who work online for long, employees working on Mac computers or amateurs who do not have experience with using Mac.