Complete Computer Service And Protection With Phoenix 360 by Iolo

As a software engineer, I have worked for several companies in Minneapolis that specialize in computer security. Currently, I offer computer repair and virus removal services as a part time IT consultant. The single best antivirus that I have been using to detect and remove unknown viruses, clean registry, declutter hard drives and optimize computer performance is Phoenix 360, developed by Iolo.

I am sharing my personal experience regarding this software to help you determine if it is the best progam for your digital life. Read on to learn more.

Early this year, a client brought a faulty desktop computer to me for repair. He told me that his computer went frozen for a few minutes and then back to normal. I checked its power supply, motherboard, and other components to find out the problem. I didn’t find any. I tried to scan the computer using AVG Anti-Virus but it didn’t solve the problem.

I contacted a former colleague who works at Loffler, an IT and cybersecurity company based in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. He suggested I tried Phoenix 360 to scan the computer and run some diagnostics. Here’s a video presentation by Monty:

What is Phoenix 360?

I had not heard about this program before. I went on the research mode to find out more about this program before purchase. I thought it is simple antivirus program but I found out that Phoenix 360 is a comprehensive security, privacy, and optimization package that helps protect, safeguard, simplify and speed up your digital life. In a nutshell, below are some of Phoenix 360 new and advanced features.

  • Anti-browser tracking and online privacy protection
  • Secure password encryption & management
  • VB100-certified antivirus protection
  • On-demand malware detection and removal
  • Military-grade hard drive wiping technology
  • Award-winning PC optimization
  • Advanced file recovery software

My Decision

After considering for a while, I decided to buy Phoenix 360 to try some of its new and enhanced features. I bought the software from the official website. I took advantages of numerous Iolo coupons to save some money on my purchase. Make sure to check some of the software’s active coupons at the end of my Phoenix 360 review.

Ease of installation

I easily installed Phoenix 360 on my client’s computer desktop. When I clicked on the setup, it asked me to uninstall the previous antivirus program. I then followed the remaining installation instructions which were simple and straightforward.

Ease of use

After finishing the installation, I clicked on the Phoenix 360 icon and selected the option to scan the computer. Since the computer had several files, it took me around 2 hours to complete the scan. The software program started a little bit slow but with time it ran very fast.

After the scanning, the program it gave me some notifications about the hidden malware and viruses which the previously installed antivirus software couldn’t unearth. Those are the viruses that made my client’s desktop computer to freeze regularly. So I decided to wipe them out from that computer.

One of the things I liked about Phoenix 360 is that wide range of easy to use PC cleanup, optimization and security tools. These include:

  1. System Mechanic Pro: This is a complete Windows tuneup suite whose aim is to improve online privacy and PC performance. This tool achieves this goal by removing junk files, wiping out browser cookies and repairing broken registry entries. The tool also features optimization tools for internet connection and hard drives, as well as a file eraser.
  2. Privacy Guardian: This is a complete online safety tool whose function is to protect you against trackers who might be tracking your online footprints.
  3. ByePass: This is a secure password manager and generator tool. This tool integrates securely with your internet browser ensuring encrypted storage of your text notes and credit card details.
  4. Malware Killer: This is a security tool that detects and blocks known threats, and also removes existing malware and viruses.

Phoenix 360 parts

Conclusion from my experience

From my experience, I honestly say that Phoenix 360 is a very good product. The software helped me solve a problem that was causing my client’s computer to freeze regularly. I have also installed this software program on my laptop and I can confess that my laptop runs faster than before. This program also protects me from potential threads by notifying whether a certain link is safe or unsafe to click.

Discount Coupons For Phoenix 360 And Other Iolo Software

The Phoenix 360 package retails for $63.96 when purchased it from its official website. However, you can save on your purchase with the following exclusive discount coupon codes and deals.

    1. 50% Off Award-Winning System Mechanic® Pro
    2. $34.97 – System Mechanic 17 Pro
    3. System Mechanic 17 for only $29.95
    4. 20% Off iolo’s Phoenix 360™
    5. New System Mechanic 11.5 Only $24.95
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