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My Pinnacle Studio 20 Review

pinnacle promo codeEver wished you had a better, faster and a more cost-effective way of creating awesome, viewer-engaging videos? Wish no more! The Pinnacle team has introduced a totally new set of video creation option and tools that are not only simple to use, but are fun and lightning fast with their Pinnacle Studio 20 family.

Pinnacle Studio 20 comes with a lot of features that make video creation stress-free. You can import clips and polish them with the built-in media organizer, create movies automatically with storyboard and edit your videos as you like with over 1500 2D and 3D effects.

Features of Pinnacle Studio 20

Pinnacle Studio 20 is a creative video editing software built with cutting edge features that make it just the best in the industry. Here are few of the wide range of features you could enjoy with this slick video software:

Import your media

You can import videos and photos manually or automatically from any chosen device. This feature works perfectly well with camcorders, digital cameras, webcams, tablets, mobile phones, handheld audio recorders, and many others, like tape-based 1 and analog devices 1.

Unlimited edit access

You can edit your videos anywhere, anytime with your iPad and the cloud. With integrated unlimited cloud access, you always have your media files handy. This software comes with Pinnacle Studio for iPad 4th generation with which you can edit your work on the go and then transfer to Pinnacle Studio for polishing.

Organize your media faster

It comes with a built-in media library in which you can organize and rate your favorite video clips, photos, music and other elements you have in store. You can correct and enhance your source media right inside the library without the help of any other app.

You can also crop, pan-and zoom, and remove red eye from photos, equalize and clean up noisy audio, color-correct video and stabilize shaky footage. And to top it all, any of the changes and effects you make or apply to your media files in the library applies whenever you use them in a project or export them for use somewhere else.

Best video edits – ever

This software don’t only allow you to edit your videos faster, it gives you the flexibility you need to make them what you really want. It comes with drag-and-drop features, multi-layer effects, SmartMovie that automatically creates great videos, and many others – all functioning at lightning speed made possible with the 10x faster rendering4 and optimization. You have preset themes from the customizable Montage templates for every occasion, including wedding, sports, holidays, sci-fi, comics, and more. Along with being able to import tracks or add your own original compositions, you are also provided a Scorefitter library of royalty-free sounds and songs to add to your videos. These sounds automatically adjust to fit the length of your video which means less work from you.

Easy sharing options

Pinnacle Studio makes it easy to share your videos with friends and family on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. In addition, users can also create DVDs off their videos and export to other formats like Adobe Flash FLV, MPEG-4, and DivX or to popular devices like Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV and Apple iPad.

Using A Pinnacle Studio 20 Promo Code

The Pinnacle Studio 20family is offered in 3 different packages; Pinnacle Studio 20 Standard, Plus and Ultimate with price ranging from $59.95 to $129.95. Each of these packages is an amazing video creation software that answers to the needs of video enthusiasts. Like you may have expected, the cost and features available with each package increase as you go from the standard package to the ultimate package. All three levels of video editing power are available in 13 languages. And if you want to experience the power of this slick software in your iPad, the Pinnacle Studio for iPad app is available in the App Store. With the Pinnacle Studio 20 family, you are given the power to create Hollywood standard videos.

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