A Lesson in Prioritizing Drawn From The Winter Olympics at Sochi

Setting the right priorities at work has always been a struggle for many professionals. We tend to leave the hard things for later which often leads to procrastination. Focusing in one thing at a time is much more productive than it sounds. Have you ever found yourself at the end of your day realizing that there were a couple of very important calls you should have made but you did something else instead? You might have worked hard the whole day, but because you didn’t give priority to a crucial task you missed an opportunity or a deadline.

First thing when you arrive at work – or at your way there – make sure you find out which are the important things that have to be done that morning and choose where to focus first and do it at once. Finish it and then go to the next task. They might be of equal importance, but some things need a special priority.

Shaun White is a snowboarder who participates at these Winter Olympics at Sochi and runs for USA. Although his numerous fans where expecting Shaun to take part at the slope-style snowboarding he decided to stay only with half pipe because of a wrist injury. He will focus his energy solely on running with the USA halfpipe team. Less that an hour after his injury, Shaun announced that he will pull out of slopestyle competition and concentrate on defending his half-pipe gold medal; an event he was won the last two games. He said: “I’ve trained the same to both; I think definitely the half pipe carries more weight because it is a defending situation”.

A tough decision indeed, but as Jill Jacinto, a renown career specialist says, any professional has to make certain sacrifices and set the right priorities in order maximize their performance, even when this means to turn some projects down and concentrate only on one.

Successful athletes have always been role models and a source of inspiration to all. These are a few things I learn from them:

Build and Protect your Image

Just as athletes become a model since they represent a whole country and a multitude of fans, employees also are kind of accountant to their employees and they build their image through time.

Persistence brings success

Making to the Games is not an overnight thing. It takes years of practice, dedication, discipline and coaching to be a tenth of second faster than the rest; similarly a worker can not become a pro effortless. It’s a long process of learning and trying your limits.

You might fall but it is not the end

One of the first things you learn when on ice or snow is how to fall right and get up again. You will fall; this is inevitable. But, it’s not how many times you fell but how many times you managed to get up and go on.

Keep Dreaming

One thing athletes have in common is dreaming. They see themselves on that rostrum with the medal hanging on their necks and they keep this dream alive until they succeed. Without a vision you go nowhere, you achieve nothing.

Now, get out of your comfort zone and make it happen.

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