Puritan’s Pride: Their Story, Products and Coupons

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A Little History About The Company

Puritan’s Pride is a supplement company that has been in business for more than 30 years. As of now, the company has its headquarters in Long Island, New York, but they do have facilities that are located all across the United States. The company manufactures more than 1,000 vitamins, minerals and other types of nutritional supplements. The ingredients that they use to make their products come from all around the world.

Categories And Types Of Products

Puritan’s Pride has quite a few different product categories. Some of the categories that their products fall under include vitamins and supplements, coffee and tea, natural living, health and beauty, healthy foods, pet products and sports and diet to name just a few. They have a total of eight different categories that their products fall under.

Some of the products that the company sells and/or produces includes supplements for joint support, herbal supplements, heart health, as well as diet supplements. As for types of coffee and tea they carry, they carry teas and coffees that are designed for people who have an active lifestyle or herbal, and they have whole bean coffee, and many other types of products. They have supplements and products for virtually everyone’s lifestyle.

Purchasing Their Products

Puritans Pride coupons can be used to save money on some of the company’s product, so it may be worth it if people find and use coupons towards some of their purchases. However, for those who do not have access to coupons will find that the products are reasonably price, and they can purchase them via their website or other sites that carry the products.

What Customers Think Of Puritan’s Pride Products

For the most part, it seems that many customers are happy with the products they have purchased from Puritan’s Pride. Some of their products are available on sites such as Amazon, where the company currently has a feedback rating of almost five stars, which is very good. Also, the rating is based on more than 1,400 ratings.

For those who are wondering if the products are any good or if they are worth trying, should give some of the products a try. Many customers appear to like Puritan’s Price products.

Puritan Pride Coupons

The company offers a wide range of discount coupons which apply to the majority of the products. Coupons are updated on a weekly basis or more frequently. There are seasonal promotions, special day coupons e.g. for Christmas, Thanks Giving, MLK day, mother’s day, etc., free shipping coupons, Buy One Get One Free offers and free samples. You can find puritan pride coupons here and save a great deal of money from your purchases.

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