Should I go for Internet Security or Antivirus software?

Protecting our computers and laptops is a major concern for everyone today since there are many threats out there, viruses, trojans, malware, hackers, identity and personal information theft and so on. Many people find it difficult to decide what type of computer protection software to buy because they cannot tell the difference between antivirus and internet security software. Besides, all the known antivirus software vendors offer both types in order to cover all users’ needs. So many people ask what they should install into their machines to be sure nothing is going to harm them but at the same time which of the two would be the best value for money solution.

Internet Security Vs Antivirus

Let’s go through all the main differences between Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Antivirus. Their main differences While both internet security and antivirus aim to protect your computer from infections the first will identify malicious content and activity, through its advanced features like the firewall, phishing detection feature, its capability to detect key loggers etc.o Another important security feature is the protection over your financial transactions. Furthermore, the antivirus focuses mainly on identifying, harmful programs and viruses coming from a website, an email or Instant Messenger file and puts all suspicious files in quarantine. It’s much more lighter program and won’t slow down your system.

On the other hand Internet security suites offer a much more complete protection and additional features, like parental control for children protection and access limitations, remote computer monitoring, performance optimization for your computer, their own firewall and much more.

However, the two downsides of an internet security software the huge memory usage in order to carry out its multiple tasks and therefore slowing down your PC and the fact that is slightly costlier than antivirus software. Of course, the price issue can be over passed by using a discount coupon for the Kaspersky Internet Security.

So, What Should I Opt For

It all comes down to knowing your needs. If you need only a protection from viruses and other nasty programs and you want to keep your device clean, just go for the cheap solution, the kaspersky antivirus; it’s more than enough. If you need all the rest features as well, you definitely want to go for a all-in-one security software like the Kaspersky IS. It’s worth paying a few more dollars and have peace of mind.