Symantec’s Approach To Virtualization and Cloud Computing


 Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Maintaining a typical company’s IT structure puts a huge burden on its resources.  Companies have to hire IT specialists to keep things running. These systems are also fragile and break down easily.  This is especially difficult because most of the company’s workers don’t understand how the system works and can’t handle these problems themselves. It’s out of their control.  Cloud computing is a cutting-edge solution to this problem, and most people believe it’s the wave of the future.

Cloud computing allows you to share your IT resources. This is sold as a service rather than a product, like your gas or water utility. You pay for what you need. The cloud computing model is much more efficient and cost-effective. It allows greater flexibility while also maintaining the highest standards of security.  Cloud computing is all about virtualization and Norton is a world leader in this field.  Norton offers cloud computing platforms that are flexible and individualized for the companies that use them.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

virtualization servicesThe virtualization options that Symantec Endpoint Protection offers are slightly different from the competition. Their services focus on the individual business’s needs. They offer internal private cloud infrastructures and more open external infrastructures, as well as hybrids that contain elements of both.

The way that virtualization works to increase efficiency is through resource pooling. This means leveraging existing resources so that your company’s IT needs can be met at a reduced cost. Virtualization allows companies to save money on their IT needs because they no longer have to pay for constant maintenance.

Cloud computing and virtualization also allow the user to be in control. Norton’s services simplify IT systems so that anyone can manage their computing themselves. This eliminates the need to hire in-house specialists. It also means that you can respond more quickly to problems and keep your business online.


Symantec’s Approach

There are a few things that make Symantec’s approach different from other providers.  Their security is not only up to date, but also highly adaptable so that it can respond to new unknown threats.  Symantec Endpoint protection system integrates your business with its thousands of partners, which frees you from vendor lock-in.

Another of Symantec’s unique selling points is that their cloud computing infrastructures are standardized and automated so that they don’t need manual provisioning.  Your business has its own self-service portal through which it can access all of their services in their web-based catalog.

Symantec offers their customers a 3-tiered ‘solution stack.’  These three tiers are:

1. Cloud Infrastructure Management – A custom-built cloud infrastructure that can unify both private and public cloud resources, all while maintaining complete security.
2. Cloud Application Platform – This allows you to create your own applications that can be used in the cloud which are custom-tailored to your needs.
3. End-User Computing – Your platform is easy for you to use and you can access it anywhere at all at any time.

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