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Tirebuyer.com is an online auto retail store which deals with tires and wheels. They provide more than three million tires and wheels sourced from the top and reputable brands like Nexen, Nitto, Firestone, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, General, Pirelli, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Fuzion, Kumho and Dunlop. They also provide custom car or truck tires and wheels. With a network of more than 98 distribution centers in the USA, Tirebuyer is the largest distributor of tires and wheels with a business practice spiced with exciting selection, bargains and delivery benefits to customers.

Characteristics Of Tirebuyer

Huge product selection

Tirebuyer maintains a stock of tires and wheels on more than 10 million square feet of warehouse space. Backed with a wide network of distribution centers present in more than 40 states in the US, Tirebuy provides over 7 million selections of tires and wheels. These makes it impossible that you won’t find a tire that fits the existing specifications of your vehicle or the new appearance you plan to create on your car.

Real-life vehicle preview with 3D visualization technology

Products are incredibly listed on the Tirebuyer online retail store with navigable 3D visualization technology. With this effect, Tirebuyer eliminates the guess work that most people depend on while shopping for tires and wheels. You have the option to see what your vehicle will look like with the new tires and wheels viewed through different angles and under different background and lighting conditions.

Get the right product recommendations

Alongside these huge lists of products, Tirebuyer online retail system provides comprehensive tire & wheel fitment information; accommodating several vehicle makes and models. Hence customers can easily be assisted in making product choices when they select the make, model and year of their vehicle. This database is constantly growing with the addition of new makes and models and older vehicles thereby offering customers limitless assistance to achieving their dream vehicle.

Competitive product and shipping prices

The product pricing and shipping system is impressive. Tirebuyer offers their tires and wheels on competitive prices. They also offer fast free shipping in the US and discount shopping and shipping packages that will sure accommodate your budget.

Get certified local dealers to work on your vehicle

Tirebuyer works with certified local dealers to bring you professional tire and rim installation services. Their system contains a list of these professional dealers and their respective installation fees. This way, you can easily pay for both the product and the installation fee of the local installer you selected to avoid surprises or change in business commitments with local dealers. With this service, your experience will only be to drive in the chosen local dealer, get your vehicle fixed and drive out.

Tirebuyers offers a wide range of high-quality tires and rims that fall within different price ranges. They have a wide network of dealership centers through which exceptional installation services will be offered after the remarkable bargain sales and fast free shipping. With Tirebuyers, you are not just getting the best tire or wheel; you are getting the best matching product and an option for a professional installation service without jumping from one shop or dealership to another.