Vitacost Synergy Once Daily Multi-Vitamin

vitacost multivitamin

As a health-conscious person and father of two lovely kids I have always been on the search for supplements and multivitamins that will keep me and my family in top shape. I have tried many products, some of them with some effectiveness and others just being a waste of money. Here is a comprehensive review of Vitacost’s Synergy Once Daily Multi-Vitamin as a regular user of this products.

What is Vitacost Synergy Multi-Vitamin?

Vitacost Synergy Once Daily Multi-VitaminWhat probably sets this vitamin apart from others in the market is its high quality content of the most important vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants such as coenzyme 10 (anti-aging agent), green tea, and resveratrol among others. Of the 21 vitamins and minerals, this product has a 100% in terms of daily value on 19 of them which is just what I have been needed to supply my nutrient needs – which are low in a person who eats the average American diet.

Why Did I Become Hooked with Vitacost Synergy Multi-Vitamin?

As I said before, I have tried many multi-vitamins in the past. First of all, I have to say that this product isn’t the cheapest one around, but again you get what you pay for. A couple of days after I started taking, I started to feel more energetic and felt that could get things done without the fatigue that overcame me in the past. As a housewife with small children I need vitamins to get me through the day while at the same time provide me with a sound sleep.

Vitacost Synergy Once Daily Multi-Vitamin nutrition factorsAll Vitamins contained in this product are high grade nutrients and come in potent forms unlike cheaper alternatives. For instance, Vitamin A comes from a mix of carotenoids and the Vitamin D comes as cholecalciferol which are their ideal form. As I have researched, not all Vitamins are created equal and certain types get better absorbed in the body which is what Vitacost has placed first when coming up with this product.

My kids used to be very nervous and edgy especially when going to school. I have noticed that this multi-vitamin have also reduced their stress levels to a great extent – probably for its Vitamin B content. My wife also takes it as recommended by her physician and also likes it.

This Multi-Vitamin has 60 capsules which means that for a single person you will have enough for about two months. I buy two every month, spending around $50 for my whole family’s health which means a bit over $10 for each of us which is a very good price. I would buy it even if it was a bit pricier because believe me, it’s worth it. Sometimes, I use Vitacost coupons which give me 20% discount or even a free item if I buy two of the same product.

Why Get It?

One of the good things about this product is that you only have to take one capsule a day which I like to take after meals for even greater vitamin absorption rates. Again, not all multi-vitamins are created equal and if you have a multi-vitamin that is made of cheap ingredients you won’t get the full benefit so why even spend a dime on it. This is not the case with Vitacost’s multi-vitamin. Rest assure you will get effective vitamins and minerals plus other components that have anti-aging properties.

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