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When it comes to antivirus software there are a lots of brands for windows in the market, but you could trust a few out of them in your computer, to run at the background to keep it safe if you are running Windows. Obviously,  if you are running Mac there’s no really an issue because there are not many viruses for mac, if any, thanks to Mac clearing bugs and there are very hard to make for Linux. Since the 96% of the global users are using windows OS the majority of viruses attack this particular system.

kaspersky internet security 2014 featuresObviously, the antivirus market is large and there won’t be too many places to find a gap in that market and also you are going to have two different types of software: free and paid. I’ve been using lots of various antivirus free and paid in both desktop computers and laptops. There have been a few of them that stood out and one of those is Kaspersky Internet Security, by Kaspersky Labs. One thing that has impressed me in a good way is that you don’t have to buy your updated version. You just buy your license key for a year and then it’s updated free to a newer applications when it comes out.

The basic control panel gives you access to these sections: Scan, Upated, Safe Money, Reports, Parental Control, Network Monitor, Quarantine, Tools, Application Control, Settings. Let’s see what they do.

Scan Feature

The Scan feature prompts you to different kinds of computer/hard drive scanning; Full, Quick, Custom and Removable Drives Scan. You can also scan specific folder and files for viruses and malware. Here you can set time and date of automatic scanning


As the word indicates, this feature is about updating databases and application modules due to the new viruses coming out everyday.

Kaspersky Safe Money technologySafe Money

This section is an improved one and includes the new ZETA Shield antivirus technology, a feature which scans data files, like XLs and PDFs, to see of there are any malware or exploits inside them.


Here you can see if there were any threats that reached your system and got neutralized by the software, when the database was last time updated, if you run a scan and how many times today or the last month. The Parental Control feature has a shortcut here, although you can find it in its own section at the control panel.

Parental Control

Well, obviously this is where you set the kind of content your children will be able to access and for low how long they can be logged in.

Network Monitor

The software monitors everything that goes on in your computer, like ports are active, what’s your network traffic like, which apps are running and which computers in your LAN have you blocked.


This is the toolbox of the software. You can scan the operating system and third-party applications for vulnerabilities, you can create a bootable CD or USB flash drive containing a set of tools for efficiently detecting and eliminating computer infections


This feature shows backup copies or files that have been deleted or modified during disinfection. These copies are stored in a special safe format and do not pose any threat.

Application Control

This shows real time all applications running; basically all current activity with CPU, memory, disk use and network traffic upload and download. Here’s where you can enable or disable the Trusted Applications feature.

kaspersky itnernet security  2014 reviewSettings

Here’s where you configure your software, in means of how it is going to be launching (by default it launches at the startup and protects your computer during the entire session), the type of files that is going to be looking when is scans the disks and you customize the whole process and activated or deactivate all the various steps of the scanning itself:

Antispam: Filters unwanted mail (spam)

Antibanner: Blocks ads and banners in your web browser and in some applications.

system wather: Rolls back malware actions.

Firewall: Filters all network activity to ensure security on local networks and the Internet.

Web antivirus: Protects incoming web traffic and prevents dangerous scripts from running.

e-mail antivirus: scans incoming and outgoing messages for suspicious scripts from being executed.

IM antivirus: Scan incoming and outgoing IM mesages for malicious and phishing links.

Safe Money: Protects user access to websites of banks and payment systems.


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Kaspersky Labs is one of the largest security software manufacturers on a global scale and has obtained a big share of the market. As a marketing tool, companies give promotional codes or just special links where discount is automatically activated, for a better pricing to attract customers. If you are looking for Kaspersky discount coupons click on the link.

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