Why Cloud Backup?

What is Cloud Backup or Online Storage

First of all, you might have heard is cloud storage, online backup or cloud drive. Basically, it’s an online service provider that has a distributed amount of servers that allow you to store your files on each distributed server cloud. When you do that it provides a lot of really neat and exciting features.

How Cloud Backup Works

Now your file is distributed among the cloud; that means that it is safe against corruption, so you are not going to worry about hard drive’s failing. That could be your hard drive or your backup provider’s hard drive. It is stored in a cloud and it would take thousands of drives all failing at the same time for that file to maybe get corrupted or lost. So, cloud storage takes away that redundancy.

Is Online Backup Safe?

Moreover, the service is extremely secure. Even though it sounds like it’s distributed all over, and it might give the impression that everybody out there has access do it, the truth is quite the opposite. It’s very safe to keep your data online, since these services use military class encryption. This is something that you won’t have if you backup your stuff on a hard drive or a flash disk locally, on DVDs or external disks. There are many issues with backing up to your own type of media: corruption, you can lose it, it’s easier to steal.

So, cloud storage provides redundancy and security.

Can Anyone Use It?

Now, let’s talk about ease of use. Backing up online and especially with Carbonite service, is extremely easy. This means, that by installing their unique utility can schedule backups, you can allow the program to do backups automatically whenever it sees your computer idle. You don’t have to worry about leaving your computer on at night or for a certain day or whatever, you just tell it to start uploading your files when idle. When you are not working on your computer and it’s not being used it starts backing up files that have changed e.g. edit mp4’s, recently saved Word or XL documents etc. This way your files are all updated on cloud. If anything changes, the most recent version of that file it’s going to be in the cloud.

Now, what does it mean when my file is IN the Cloud. It means that it’s now accessible to you on any device, wherever you’re at. So, it works great for me if I’m on the road or office and I just want to something that I had when I was at home, I just go to my Carbonite application in my smartphone and I am able to pull it down; and I can start using that file wherever I am. It works with any devices you can imagine, be it a tablet, your iphone, your office desktop, or your laptop. Your Cloud storage shows like another folder in your browser. You can drag and drop files to it and when you do this, it instantly uploads that file into  your cloud folder and it means that also all your other internet connected devices have access to that file, to read, edit and save.

How Can Online Backup Help You and Your Business

The last years, it’s become a necessity to access remotely and syncing our files, either from our smartphone, the computer at work or a lent laptop at the hotel we are staying when on a trip. At the same time, the rising risk of having our data stolen,  or our device hacked or lost makes online storage a must. Carbonite was one of the first companies which started offering cloud storage plans. With as less as $60 per year you can have unlimited space online for backing up files. All kinds of files; XLs, word documents, mp3’s and the list is endless.

Now, imagine you go to office tomorrow morning, you turn on the PC and there’s a lovely black screen or even worst, a blue one. You end up formatting the entire hard drive and losing everything. Note that business information might be worth thousands of dollars and generated after long hours of work and huge amounts of effort. It’s devastating. You will have to start over and miss all deadlines and you will never acquire those files back. However, there is a nice turn at the scenario as you recall that all your data is stored securely online. After setting up your computer, you don’t have but to start downloading your files from your account in Carbonite. That’s it; in a few minutes all your stuff is restored and you continue your work as nothing had happened.

Are My Files Synced Online

Say you are working on a large video presentation and you are in the middle of it and have to stop to go home for dinner and then after a few hours you want to resume your work from home. You don’t have to go back to the office, you don’t have to carry your work laptop with you everywhere you go. You can just start working on it on your ipad sitting on your couch pulling it down off of the cloud.

Online Backup makes having your files with you wherever you are at, very easy and secure. But most importantly with Carbonite you have unlimited storage and also you can save from your pricing by using a Carbonite discount coupon. On the contrary, other providers, like Dropbox, My PC backup, or Google drive, they have limitations on the space that you can use.

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