Why Smokers Smoke

Many smokers find themselves to answer this very basic question of why they smoke. They sometimes give the excuse that they smoke because they like smoking. But if when they really consider all the problems that go with smoking they realize this isn’t true. They don’t enjoy being smokers anymore. Often people try to figure out why they smoke they try to figure out why the started to smoke but that somehow will answer why they continue to give in to this habit. Well, the reason why a person starts smoking and the reason why one continues to smoke usually have nothing to do with each other.

What starts people on smoking is usually a simple offer from a family member may be from a friend but the offeris just for a cigarette. And at time the cigarette doesn’t seem like to be a big deal. A cigarette won’t kill them, won’t cost them anything; it’s being offered to them for free. And it seems like a socially acceptable thing to do. It seem to be a major issue. After all, it’s only one cigarette.

What’s the big deal

smoking addictionThe big deal is overtime it won’t stay only a cigarette. Overtime people find themselves smoking quantities they never dreamed imaginable. What they thought it was going to be a very limited usage of this product or very limited time, very often turn into years or decades of quantitied they never believed possible for them to smoke.

The reason smoking goes on to such long-term usage is because we are dealing with an addictive product. We are dealing with cigarettes with contain nicotine, which is one of the most powerfully addictive drugs known to man. Most people who smoke will go on to use nicotine for a much longer time period thatn they ever planned on. This is evident from surveys which are done at the high school age level. When high school age kids who smoke already are interviewed and asked how many of them think will be smoking five years later, only 5% of the kids interviewed will answer that question in the affirmative. What really will happened though, because they are followed up for 7-9 years, 75% of them will still be smoking. What does that means? For every student who thought that they were going to become addicted smokers, 15 of them actually became.

Most people take up smoking not planning making it a habit. They don’t understand the addiction going into it. But then they go on to get hooked and some people use this as an excuse for why they can’t give it up because now they can’t give it up.

Does being an addict mean that you cannot quit?

Being hooked doesn’t necessarily mean that you gett of that drug. The fact is, we have more ex-smokers alive today in America than current smokers. Meaning that half the people who used to be smokers in this country have quit smoking. This fact alone should make it clearly evident that anybody that giving up smoking is possible no matter how long that person smokes, no matter how many cigarettes they smoke per day or how addicted they believe they are.

What Causes People To Smoke?

Once addicted, keeping nicotine levels constant is what causes people to smoke. As long as the smoker has their full complement nicotine they are going to be relatively comfortable. If that nicotine levels start to drop they are going to become a little bit irritated but if it keeps falling they are basically thrown into a drug withdrawal state.

What Causes A Serum Nicotine Level?

Why would a smoker feel that they need their cigarettes anyway? The first variable that will affect the rate at which a person smokes is simply time. The distribution half-time nicotine in the human body is 20-30 minutes meaning half an hour after a person smokes the available nicotine in the brain is gone. If you can observe smokers, you will notice this 20-30 minute cycle. Today this is a little harder to find because people are limited where they are allowed to smoke.

Another factor that affects the rate that a person smokes is the metabolism of nicotine. Over time, people build tolerance in substances they intake, meaning they have to consume more and more cigarettes to get the same dosage that the lower amount of cigarettes used to have delivered. The longer one smokes the more efficient one’s body becomes in ridding itself of nicotine. The brain is trying to keep the supply and yet your body is getting rid of it faster and faster. This is referred to as developing power into a drug.

The third variable are changes in urine PH (acidity level). The more acidic the urine becomes the quicker a person excretes nicotine and the more cigarettes will have to smoke. One factor the will cause the urine to turn more acidic is stress. Stress is a physiological effect on the body. It makes urine acidic and this happened to both smokers and non-smokers but while to the latter there’s no effect that they would know it is happening, to the first ones it’s much more complex. The loss of nicotine during stress is what causes them the need to smoke. Another factor which changes urin PH is alcohol. As you may already know, smokers consume more cigarettes when they drink alcohol. Also, mega dosage of Vitamin C is another factor. Twenty years ago it hit the media that vitamin C was destroyed by smoking. Many smokers started picking supplemental dosages trying to make up for what smoking would destroy. The problem is the extra vitamin C would acidify the urine and that would make them smoke a few extra cigarettes. So practically, it would make them more intense smokers than they were before they started the process.

How To Stop Hurting Yourself

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