Women’s Fitness – Musts & Myths

It isn’t really a secret that our bodies need regular exercise to remain fit and healthy. Besides, exercise also has many other benefits, like battling illnesses, strengthening of muscles, weight loss, proper digestion of food, etc.

Women’s fitness is all the more necessary since their bodies require strength to cope with the various demands of an office as well as the household and raising children.  Women who have experienced childbirth need additional care and special attention to lose the pregnancy weight and get back into shape.

A fit, healthy and toned body is a great asset for a woman. Regular exercise helps in maintaining high levels of self-confidence and boosts the metabolism rate for smooth functioning of all the bodily systems. Working mothers need a lot of stamina and endurance since the rigorous routine of their everyday life can have disastrous results on a weak body.

Studies have shown that women are more prone to osteoporosis. Also, women find it difficult to maintain their figure and physical appeal after giving birth to a child. This means that partners and family members need to pay extra attention to women’s fitness, health, habits and nutritional requirements, and be supportive at every stage.

Unfortunately there are many myths which surround women and gym workouts. Even though most of them are pretty ridiculous, they tend to discourage many women from joining a gym. This means that they avoid the exercise which will give them desired results. It is common for women to prefer cardio exercises instead of weight training for similar reasons.

A common ‘myth’ is that weight-lifting gives you the physique of a body builder. If body building was that easy, you’d have seen a lot more people with perfectly sculpted bodies around. The fact is that there is a very specific regime to follow while trying to build muscles. Not only do women have to try extremely hard for it, most of them lack the genetic predisposition. Weight lifting tightens up your body and makes it more toned by getting rid of all the excess ‘flab’.

Even those women who are brave enough to try weight lifting usually stick to light weights. This doesn’t really make sense as body building requires one to stress their muscles and give the right stimulant for growth. Women need to use weights which are just about heavy enough to let them lift it about five to six times. However, ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ is a relative term and is different for different people.

Does Fat Turn Into Muscle With The Right Exercise?

Fat cannot turn into muscle. Women who think otherwise are discouraged from weight training while trying to lose weight. This strange misconception has lead people, especially overweight women, to believe that weight lifting while they still have excess fat on their bodies will somehow magically transform it into muscle giving them a fit but bulky appearance. This is not just untrue but quite impossible. Fat and muscle are two very different tissues; they may interact at times but simply cannot replace each other.

Fitness depends on many factors like their diet, their workout schedule, their daily calorie intake, kind of life, etc. As mentioned before, working mothers need to go that extra mile to ensure that their hectic routines do not take a heavy toll on their health and fitness. New mothers in particular are under heavy stress. Although most find themselves running short of time and energy, with proper dedication and commitment, a fit body is not out of their reach.

One needs to keep in mind that working out is important not only to themselves but also to the entire family. For a ‘home-maker’ to take care of her family, she needs to take care of herself first. In fact fitness training and proper dietary habits should be as important and come as naturally as taking a bath or brushing your teeth every day.


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