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Xilisoft Review

Xilisoft is a brand name in the multimedia industry. It features a number of products that can be used to create and edit any video and audio file. Xilisoft is a well known name in the multimedia industry. It features several products that have become indispensable in the creation and edition of standard videos and audio files. Their product supports a wide range of devices and allows the user to achieve classic results in the shortest possible time. They are consistently improved and therefore, they are compatible with the latest operating systems including Windows and Mac OS. Xilisoft line of products is from a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction more than any other business operation. Along with its pristine products, customer feedback is vital for its development. To this end, all queries and inquiries submitted are given same-day response.

Products Offered By Xilisoft

Xilisoft Video Converter

The Xilisoft video converter is easy to use, fast and reliable. Its features allow it to convert to all popular video formats. It can be used on Apple iPad, Sony Playstation and Google phones along with other digital media devices.

Qualities Of Xilisoft Video Converter

Reliable – The video converter works at light speed, comes with high definition and does not interfere with any other operation on the device it is being used.

Enjoy multiform HD formats – It supports a wide range of HD formats allowing users to convert any video file from one format to another. You can even carry out conversions from HD to SD video formats.

Customize the operation – Xilisoft video converter can be customized to operate at a certain speed. Settings can be done in a matter of few clicks.

Audio extraction and video creation made easy – Easily extract audio files from any video with just a click. You can also create a standard video with your favorite photos.

Enjoy Directsupport – The direct support feature allows users to transfer data to Apple, Sony and Google products.

Features Of Xilisoft Video Converter

Xilisoft Video Converter is designed with several features which make it the leading video editor in the market. Among these features are:

Film Clipper

Film Clipper is designed to simplify the clipping, splitting and merging video files. With this feature, you can merge different videos into one stream, create a continuous show with a photo album, insert transitions where necessary in the video, separate favorite video segments and adjust video sizes with much easy.

Customization Features

There are also several customization options with which you can crop a picture in order to exclude any area you don’t want to feature in the video. You also have full control on the brightness of the video, its saturation and contrast. Add more personality with subtitles, soundtrack or any voice and enjoy the watermark options.

Professional Profile Features

Xilisoft supports a wide range of devices with unique conversion profiles. With these, you can easily create your own profiles, set the general parameters like the start time, quality, split size and others, use the in-built bitrate calculator to compute the output file more accurately and take advantage of various output formats.

Xilisoft DVD Ripper

The main features of the Xilisoft DVD Ripper include a wide range of supported formats along with their conversion capability and editing tools. For better performance, the AMD and NVIDIA graphics card have been given optimal support for faster and better results.

This product allows users to rip any DVD to any multimedia device. You can also take movie snapshots and use them as thumbnails, conduct file transfer to several multimedia devices, rip movie soundtracks to audio formats and create high definition DVD formats.

Why You Need Xilisoft DVD Ripper

With Xilisoft DVD Ripper, video clip, merge and split of DVD files has never been easier. Now you can easily clip a DVD to get any part or portion of the movie you like most, combine several titles together, control transition effects to have a more smooth change from one title to another and even split a given title into smaller chunks if you don’t have enough space in the device.

The video editing capacity of this product is amazing. It can crop video frames, personalize your video by adding image effects, edit subtitles, sync soundtracks and embed watermarks. Additionally, you can carry out all this functions by previewing the original side by side without changing the original file.

Additional Qualities Of Xilisoft DVD Ripper

Xilisoft DVD Ripper is equipped with the necessary features that set it apart from a host of other DVD editors and rippers in the market. Among other functionalities of this product are:

· Selection of conversion profiles with optimized parameters available for a wide range of devices

· Create your own profile by editing existing ones for more personalization

· Rip a single DVD into multiple formats in one go; batch processing

· Optimized for NVIDIA and ATI thus up to 5 times faster results

· Multithreading, Batch conversion and Multi-core processing offer highest conversion speeds

· Automatically retrieves information from the internet regarding a DVD

· Easy to use with a user friendly interface and diverse features make it unique than its competition

Xilisoft DVD Creator

The Xilisoft DVD creator offers personalization services such as templates for creating menus and inserting background pictures and music. The base purpose of this software is to create high quality DVDs, also to burn and convert them. The DVD menus creator is an exceptional feature also. With it you can attach menus before burning your DVD, choose from different DVD templates, insert background music of your choice and set the play features.

There are a series of functionalities/benefits attached with Xilisoft DVD creator. Creating DVD files, adding functionalities and customizing the output to professional standard can be done with just few clicks of the mouse. Precisely, you can

· Create DVD movies in a diverse range of formats according to the current format popularity

· Create DVD folders and ISO files on disc from multiform videos

· Create DVDs in several formats

· Achieve the fastest conversion and burn speeds with multithreading and multi-core processing, proper and complete utilization of resources

· Clip the segments that you like and merge them together

· Edit the video effects which include frame size, watermarks etc.

· Add and sync different audio tracks to the Video to make it more interesting and unique

· Add and sync subtitles for a greater understanding, can be in different languages

· Extra audio/video options allow the creation of a perfect DVD

· Set and organize the files on the DVD for easier access

Xilisoft iPad Magic 2

The Xilisoft iPad Magic 2 is the all-in-one media solution to manage the iPad contents. It acts as a backup and also for transferring data items ‘to and fro’ between your iPad and PC. Convert other formats to such formats that the iPad 2 supports. Other added functions are also included such as making your own ringtones etc. It also allows some degree of personalization and supports the simultaneous connection of devices to the software.

With Xilisoft iPad Magic 2, it is much easier to transfer audio, video and eBooks in both EPUB and PDF formats to any apple product from your PC. You can also backup your Apple product and manage media files at ease.

What Other Benefits Will You Get From Xilisoft iPad Magic 2?

· Rip CD/DVD to your iPhone/iPad/iPod as well as ISO files and IFO folders

· Covert audio and videos to formats suitable for the i-products

· One step download and converting videos from the internet

· Create and customize your own ringtones for your iPhone

· Make photo albums of the photos that were taken by the iPhone

· Have previews of the pictures taken

· All new and old iPhone, iPod and iPad models supported

· NVIDIA GPU acceleration option is enabled thus improving performance

· Comes with a built in media player which is resizable and gives a preview

· Automatically select the optimized profiles for the imported files, efficient and convenient

· When converting files, create your own profiles and set parameter values like bit rate, frame rate, target format etc.

· Proxy server configuration allows you to configure the network

· A multilingual interface is offered for greater usage and ease

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